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Because every diamond caries a precious story.

About HK Gems

H K Gems are traditionally having its roots in diamond selling since two generations. In depth knowledge of procuring right diamond passing through all 4 parameters of CUT, CLARITY, and CARAT & COLOR. We provide the best of the lots produced for your commercial & industrial requirements. We are having vendor connects to fetch best quality diamonds from VG,VS,VVS.

H K Gems have well connected offices at MUMBAI – the commercial capital of India and US. A Family immersed in the business of diamonds have a team of well qualified assorters and detailers to trade.

A range of natural loose diamond , Gold & diamond jewellery, precious & semi precious stones & jewellery are the areas we deal in.

For most people, it’s a perfectly clear, beautiful, colorless stone sparkling crazily in the light like nothing else on earth. This classic view is quite accurate – for one type of diamond.

But did you know that there are numerous types of diamonds, all with specific properties?

This amazing stone can vary greatly in color, clarity, and carat, as well as shape. And, when cut, it can also have a variety of qualities imparted to it.

These factors obviously affect how it appears in the end product: that ring, pair of ear-rings, bracelet or necklace that you’ve got your eyes on.

Before you go shopping for diamonds, visit H K Gems.

When you think of a diamond, what do you see?

The Four Cs of Diamond

When considering diamond category, most people will look at the “four Cs”. The four Cs are actually based around the grading attributes of diamonds but they are useful as an easy way to quickly assess a diamond.

Types of Diamonds

All about types of diamonds and diamond names

Type la Diamonds

Type lla Diamonds

Type lb Diamonds

Type llb Diamonds

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