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Mary Picard asked a question. This should answer your question, but if you’re still having trouble, our Support team can help get you running asap. Hey Everyone, after much frustration you wouldn’t believe how simple it actually is to do! You pretty much turn it off and then on again!

Log in using the other method, go to Settings, Disable the Two-Step Authentication and then you can start all over again by installing the app on your new phone because it then gives you the barcode you need. I can’t believe it was so simple when I’d been complaining about it for so long.

That link doesn’t seem to work, do you have an alternative? I am having the same problem. I cant regenerate the QR code to add to my new phone. Help please I have a new phone with the same authenticator app, cant find out how to get a new barcode to access xero.

Help tells me to disable 2 set authentication but does not tell me how to do that. Help also tells me 2 step authentication is mandatory for my user profile. Change to new device. Login with usual email, it will then generate new barcode Hi can anyone help as I have similar problem with the above. I can get in to the xero account but I cannot change or disable my authy code as I think my dyslexic spelling cannot get the correct answer. I am so frustrated with this authenticator process.. Ive changed phone and I cant get it to work anymore, grrrrr.

You have to log in using your old phone to verify. Once in, click on top right button to go to your o account. Click Disable 2-setp authentication. Log out. When you go to log back in again you will have the option to set up two-step authentication again, using your new phone.

Problem is that the main user does not have the old phone any more so has been unable to log in for some time. What happens then? The difficulty is that I don’t have my old phone anymore as it died.

That is why I have a new phone. So I can’t use the old one to log in What do I do now? I have this same issue.

If anyone is able to help that would be great. I despise the 2 step authentication and if there was an option to remove it altogether I would. Huge issue. I have been going round in circles all day trying to sort this out for two employees with new phones.

Caryn Rance. When you say turn it of. What do I need to turn off please. Hey Pippa, you do exactly what I said after that Thanks Caryn, I can’t believe xero’s own help page is so hopeless when it was so simple in the end! Thank you! Hi Ben, as I commented above a few weeks ago it’s actually much easier than you would think! See below Log in using the other method, go to “Settings”, “Disable the Two-Step Authentication” and then you can start all over again by installing the app on your new phone because it then gives you the barcode you need.

Hi So i have lost my old phone with the old auth app so i can no longer disable. Does anyone else here experience being half way thru a 3 hour quote or inv come to save and the screen blinks deletes everything. Hi Milad Nakhl, did you read the comments above? I’ve posted a few times now exactly what you need to do in this thread. You don’t need your old phone. Here it is again There’s lots of info shared here that’ll help you out with 2SA on a new device.

Otherwise, come on into our Support team who have the tools to investigate and help 1-on Are you able to have 2 different mobile phones with authenticator The two code system is sending me insane. I am trying to set it up for myself and my partner he just lost his phone and it keeps sending me around in circles.

I can’t set up the authenticator without xero and i cant log into xero without an authenticator app. Ive had to add answer my alternative questions for my account but my partners aren’t working. I’m ripping my hair out shouldn’t be so fregg’n hard.

Why do these systems only end up impacting the people its trying to protect i’ve wasted too many important working hours over this stupid 2 sytep crap over the last few months. I need help – I have found settings but cannot see where you disable the two-step authentication – I have searched and it isnt coming up anywhere – is anyone able to give more help on how to find this. Hi Gillian, are you on your computer and not your phone?

If it is so simple, why does Xero allow it to be a problem. Just like many things in this software Time wasted on this sort of BS is what I find so frustrating about this software. When using the app to view your access codes, you may wonder what happens when it comes time to upgrade your phone or replace to lost phone with a new one. Here’s how to move Google Authenticator to a new device or disable it completely:.

Step 1 : Install the Authenticator app on your new iPhone or Android phone. Step 2 : Visit Google’s two-step verification site on your computer. Log in to your Google account to view your current 2SV settings.

I had trouble getting the app to work on my new device. I could not switch it off on my old phone because the screen was broken.

Download the Google Authenticator app and set it up on your new phone. Go to your “account” at the top left of the home screen.

Where “Two Step Authentication” is listed, click disable. Go to Account, and click to “enable” two step authentication. A QR code will come up.

Scan this with your Google authentication app scanner. The app will then show an initial code. Enter this into Xero. You can select “other” ways to verify yourself. I first selected the secret questions, but this failed so i got a code sent to my back up email.

It was really easy once I found where to disable the 2SA. Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers. Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central. View This Post. Two-step authentication moving to a new phone. I got a new phone and loaded the same two-step authentication app I was using on the old phone.

It is asking me to set it up as new, or else enter a code manually that I don’t have because I set up using the barcode. How do I get Xero to generate a new barcode for the new phone to setup?

Top Rated Answers. All Answers. Hi Lauren That link doesn’t seem to work, do you have an alternative? Where is the dickens new darcode.

Not an answer, a further question Here’s how to move Google Authenticator to a new device or disable it completely: Step 1 : Install the Authenticator app on your new iPhone or Android phone. I fixed it like this. Log into XERO. Log out of Xero. Log back in. Xero will then ask you to verify yourself.



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QR code doesn’t work · Make sure you’re scanning the QR code from within your authenticator app, not using your phone’s camera. · Try. Next to Multi-factor authentication, click Set up. · Click Set up multi-factor authentication. · Choose an authenticator app. · If you haven’t. Go to the Xero login screen. · Enter your email address and password, then click Log in. · Click Set up multi-factor authentication. · Choose.