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Shutting Down Doesn’t Fully Shut Down Windows 10 (But Restarting Does) – What arrows?

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Hello everyone. Note that:. Follow the following steps one by one to get through it. First of all, we are going to reset the licensing status of the machine and reboot the computer. That will allow us to reinstall it later from scratch which will solve the problem in most cases. You will then need to be patient and let your computer take its time and you will then be able to accomplish the task.

One final thought… Make sure you have a copy of your product key before uninstalling it. During this process, the troubleshooter will check any activation issue and try to fix it. It may also succeed in reactivating the product key. Check the steps below:. So we will do it now and see if it solves your problem, but in about a month, re-enable Windows Updates and see if any major update is available.

You can put this on your calendar. If the problem persists, then maybe windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free have a windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free with your date and time settings.

A license or product key has a production and tree expiration date, just like food or medication. If none of the previous steps helped you out, then you might need to perform a system restore. Yeah, no one likes doing this, but if all the previous ways failed you, you have to reset gully Windows 10 to reach the root of the issue.

The good part is that resetting Windows 10 is a better alternative than a clean Windows /27446.txt installation because you have the option to keep your files. But I always recommend that you backup your data on an external storage drive just in case. This fre should be your last choice if all the above methods failed, and I do believe it will fix the problem. This will be enough to fix it. Open Regedit by windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free the run command or by searching for it in either the start menu or file explorer.

Next, wincows the following command:. Right-click on it and select Modify. The license key for the edition windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free by the manufacturer is embedded in the bios and using the following command in feee Command Prompt Admin or PowerShell Admin will display the key without the quotation marks, obviously :. Not much, as weird as that might seem.

Other than that, you will not be жмите сюда to change the wallpaper, accent colors, themes, lock screen, rown so on. Anything related to Personalization will shjt grayed out or not accessible.

Additionally, some other apps and features might also get locked out, but nothing major. The overall system functionality will stay the same. Technically it is safe as long as you get it from the official source. However, do note that this is an illegal activation tool, so tread carefully. I have w10 and it is nearly expiring. About less than compter month. If I disable the updates like I followed what you wrotecan it prolong my used on w10?

I done even know where to find their licence. Hello Mahmood, seems like your license is expiring after one year of upgrading, this was maybe a trial version and then you will need to buy a license. Have you bought a license for the old version you were using? Was it pre-installed on your machine? I am now getting a reminder that my windows license will expire.

And to upgrade it, it requires a product key. Reboot your computer download fps games for pc free offline see if the problem is gone. You will just be unable to install the latest Windows updates and use some apps from the store. I have W10 that is preinstalled in my laptop.

However, Snut have read some articles about volume licensing and found out that my laptop is, indeed, one. If I do the reinstallation of the product key, will it prolong my usage of Windows 10? Very informative article.

Thanks so much for your time and efforts windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free help! Your email address will not be published. This site жмите Akismet to reduce spam.

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Note that: Upgrading to Windows fullg from Windows 7, 8, or 8. Installing Windows 10 without a Windows License will give you free access to Windows 10 for 30 days. Step 2: Uninstall and delete your Windows License product key First of all, we are going to reset the licensing status of the machine and reboot the computer. Note that right after deleting your product key, your computer may slow down or even cpmputer. Ready to go? Click Yes to give it permission. Type slmgr -rearm and hit Enter.

Click Ok and restart your computer and see if the problem is fixed. Click Ok and Reboot your computer. Step 3: Use the Troubleshooter to detect and fix any issues During this process, /24433.txt troubleshooter will check any activation issue and eont to fix it. Check the steps below: After rebooting your computer from the last step, head into Settings at your start menu.

Now from the left pane, select Activation and click on Troubleshoot at sgut bottom of the screen to launch the troubleshooter. Wait for a little while until it detects activation problems. Enter your product key in the white rectangle and then click Next to reactivate it. Type services. In the services list, look for Windows License Manager Winfows and double click on it. In the general tab, hit the Stop button if active to stop windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free service while changing its properties.

Change the Winrows type to Disabled and then click Ok. Now look for Windows Update and double click on it. In the general tab, hit the Stop button if active to stop the service so you could change its properties.

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. Step 6: Check your date and time settings A license or product key has a production and an expiration date, just like food or medication. Aont on both Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically. This will bring up the traditional shug panel page where you can adjust your date, time, and finally your region.

Now reboot sjut computer and see if the activation message is gone. Still there? Step 7: Restore wnot computer to a previous point If fully of the previous steps helped you out, then you might need to perform a system restore. Open Control Panel and search for recovery. Open System Restore. Click Next. Click Finish. Last hope: Reset Windows 10 Yeah, no one likes windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free this, but if all the previous ways failed you, you have to reset windos Windows 10 to reach the root of the issue.

Review the programs that will be lost wlnt make sure you can recover them back yourself after the acdsee pro 32bit full crack and then click Next. One step close to Reset. You can do it! How do I extend my Windows 10 License? Is Fre activation safe? Yaj on June 21, at am. Hi, I have a question Sir.

Mina on June 23, at am. Your help windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mina on Cmputer 28, winvows pm. Jomar S on September 21, at am. My XPS 15 is having this message also even the product key is already embedded to the bios. I already reset my laptop windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free still getting the same message.

Mina on September 24, at pm. Mina on October 1, at am.


Windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free –


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Windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free. 8 Useful Solutions to Fix Windows 10/11 Won’t Shut Down [MiniTool Tips]


Step 5: Follow the guidance to restore your PC. Receive the system image restore failed error message in Windows 10? This post shows you full solutions to fix it on 3 common cases. All of these solutions are easy and helpful, now you can choose a proper way to fix it.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us via [email protected] or leave a comment. Download Shadowmaker.

Tip: If needed, choose to try troubleshooting as an administrator and apply it. Tip: This operation will cause your system and files loss, you had better back up your data in advance.

Solutions Are Here! Read More. It hibernates the kernel, saving its state so it can boot faster. Does force shutdown damage the computer? Your data might take any damage from a forced shutdown. If you are working on any files when things go bad, then you will lose your unsaved work.

I happen to have Win 10 — version. MS auto update installed Windows 10, version amd64 The game cannot continue. I copied CardGames. More about CardGames. Size: 5. Thanks so much for making this W 7 to W 10 game transition possible. The best thing was the not losing the stats that I have years invested in. Anyway thanks again for your effort to make my life a little happier getting my games back I really appreciate what you did.

I downloaded and installed as per the Wizard. No shortcuts or anything. Have I done something wrong? Excellent being able to play Windows 7 Games on Windows 10! Thank you!!! Quick question. How can I get the new games to honor and keep all my old statistics.

I copied all of the scoring and config xml files for solitaire from my old windows 7 machine. On the first startup, the Windows 10 games read my statistics and winnings from the old machine, but as soon as I play a game, some of the statistics are forgotten — for example it will not add or subtract from my accumulated winnings. Solitaire sets them back to just the winnings or losses on the first game and begins to accumulate from there.

Is there a way to fix this? These games are not officially supported on Windows 10, so sometimes their behavior is unexpected. They no longer seem to work and the option to show the animation is grayed out with a check marked box. This stopped working for me a little bit ago and was before I updated to I was using Error message: An error occurred The application closed because an error occurred.

Chess however is still working fine. Hi Paul. The game servers are down. Microsoft has turned them off. Can you add Inkball to the package?

It is a retired Windows Vista game that was removed in Windows 7. I would appreciate if you added it. Like JB, I upgraded to Windows 10 version yesterday — and these games stopped working. But my old computer was dying, so I got a new one with Win Do the developers fix the games so they work each time this happens?

Or will they never work again? The worst being the fact that the 2,3,4,5 of hearts are almost always dealt 1 of the 4 cards to each player. In other words, if you play the 5 of hearts once hearts have been broken, the other players will almost always have the 2,3,4 distributed equally among them.

It happens roughly 80 percent of the time. There are others, but this is the worst and most noticeable cheat. Ruins and makes worthless what would be an otherwise good game. Actually noticed this with Freecell…after so many games they are all hard. Just down loaded latest winzip with the same result also tried Winrar and 7-zip. Any suggestions welcome.

My laptop managed to extract the file, so up and running again and very thankful. Thanks for all your good work. Are you aware of any requirements dll? More information: Windows 10, Used to work until recently, but now every game process just silently exits immediately after I click it. No idea how to investigate it. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and it disappeared. Went to your website, tried to download…nothing but chaos directing me to other products. Now I try to reinstall and all it wants to to is uninstall the new version that is nowhere to be found on my computer….

Should have left it alone. The whole thing really stinks and is rotten. So is there any way to retrieve it? I apologize for the upset. I rely on Freecell to unwind during the day and am somewhat lost without it. If you can help in any way I appreciate it. The new Windows 10 version got rid of my old Spider and when I reinstalled it, got rid of that too. Stopped working with feature update to Windows 10, version Tried re-download install and compatibility troubleshooting.

Uninstall and reinstall got it working again. The Hearts application is working fine on my Laptop. I would like to transfer over my game stat. I would appreciate guidance on where the file is stored so I can transfer it over and complete my upgrade? Thank You Sir! I have downloaded Windows 7 Games for windows 10 after every Windows update which wipes them out. Any ideas? Have MS finally wooked out a way to force us to play their rubbish W10 games?

Thanks for the idea but no, same result — it opened tabs while my back was turned! Any more thoughts? This seems like a waste of time why not amend the game to transfer all cards to the top somewhat like what happens on free cell.

MS forced an OS upgrade on me earlier this month. Since then, Freecell stopped working. I downloaded, extracted and ran the executable. I only selected Freecell and Mine Sweeper. Mine Sweeper works but Freecell will not work; even if I try running it as administrator. I have tried rebooting.

No difference. I uninstalled and reinstalled. The app and icon on there but nothing happens. The reinstall process has worked in the past. I posted on December 15 but no replies so far, so I am bumping this once in hope that somebody can help me. Sergey or anybody else , can anybody help me with this issue?

I really would like to get this working. Having downloaded these games into Windows 10, it seems that Spider Solitaire will not play using 3 suits. Has anyone else found this and is there a fix to play with 3 suits? Any way to turn off the rumble feature when playing Minesweeper? It never did that before.

But a question. If there would be a way to activate F1 to offline help again…. If you know some way, would be cool. Is there a way to install these games in a foreign language?

Version: 20H2 OS Compilation: Many thanks to all who finessed this collection. The game shortcuts remain wherever you left them, in my case in a Games folder on the desktop, but they no longer work. I was able to get FreeCell working again though, which involved copying the Cardgames. It seems not to have lost track of my scores record.

However, the others seem to be a loss, so far. I would at least like to get Minesweeper and a couple of the other games functional again, if someone knows how to accomplish this.

I was slightly disappointed at the resolution. As I dragged the window corner, the cards got more distorted, so I stopped expanding it. I was astounded at how good it looks on my inch monitor x resolution. I found out by accident that the game looks best when maximized at least on my system. This happens in both full screen and windowed modes on all three of my monitors.

After 20H2, how did you get regular and Spider Solitaires working again? See my post from April 7, above. They are kaput on my system, without even any surviving trace of the necessary executables — just a MUI file.

I have since managed restoring Minesweeper to working though. Yes, I agree with Ariel Adar! I, too, would like to see a new version of this awesome pack! I and many others would be happy to pitch in a few bucks to a GoFundMe for this to get an updated version that plays nice with newer versions of Windows.

Hi, thanks for this nice package and all the games play well. This keeps happening and is there a way to prevent the stats from resetting? Thanks if anyone can help. The games do not open in windows 10 , I click and nothing happens, I have reinstalled it and it remains the same, can this be solved? The habit is: when I try dragging and dropping the cards like they have their own minds jumping all over the place, while putting them up in the reserve and bringing them down work all correctly together with all other functions.

Does it contain a virus? Hey there! Thanks for this! Super happy now. Any chance this is something you have available anywhere? Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Advertisement. Support us Winaero greatly relies on your support. Many thanks for the info, Sir! Beautifully easy install! These comments are above ads in new games bundled with Windows They show ads now. Could anyone help? This can be caused by missing sound drivers.

Check your the device manager. I have all system sounds etc but not in these games. I lost sound also, my sound came thru the monitor via hdmi cable. Had to reinstall video drivers. Ty ty ty jebbrown. Keep up the good work!! Thank you for all your great software. I tried here and was able to undo a whole game, moves, without crashing.

Null pointer error strikes again. Is there a solution? Anyone else notice this problem occurring with a Logitech or Bluetooth mouse? Thanks for this. I was lost without my old Windows games. Now I am found!

So simple that it even worked for someone who is not a PC expert. Well done and thanks for getting me back on to Chess Titans. Tried the other route the alt. Would love to have a clean copy to download and use. I missed my Mahjong Titans — thanks so much!

God bless you!! Thanks for the package! Desde Argentina… Muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Running Windows 10 Pro Thanks so much for the easy download and the work put in to make them work. Everyone knows.

There is no solution for this issue yet. Thank you Microsoft. The new Windows 10 card games sucked… Thank you! Thank you, Nadine Bass. Hi Max. A friend gave me a special dll file, slc. The release on Mega is not updated. Could you please update it or remove the link? Hi Fred. Ask Microsoft why they are so bloated. They made them so big, not me. Are you any nearer to a fix please? KR Andrew. Thanks a lot! Reinstall it. Download the updated package and install it.

Thank you so much. It solved my problem. Now I can play Chess Titan. It does NOT replace slc. Games use their own copy of the file.

Thanks, I was worried about installing it after unpacking the archive and seeing that. Thank you so much maaaaaaaan! This probably also goes for the other w7 games. IDK, Windows removes these games intentionally. I have no solution atm. Download the game package once again from here. Install it. Hey Sergey. Is there a link to the Tinker cab with the update? Which shortcuts you have? What a pity I like this game very much and say thank you. It runs with DirectX 9 installed parallel to DirectX 11!

Thank you for this game! I do not have bitcoins but if you put a GRC address up I can send you a few. I am pretty sure one day they will prevent us from running these games.

Thanks for the games Sergey. It supports both bit and bit versions of Windows. Is there a portable versior of these games? I need to put them into a PC with no admin rights. They are turning off the servers for these games.

Not possible to fix it. Thanks for responding! It still works on other PC, so it may be an issue with my PC. Hi, The 3 online games return the error 0x Someone else happens? January 26 Hi The game servers has been turned off by Microsoft. HI download games but live internet checkers do not connect connection problem comes up.

I find this frustrating. RE: unwin7games. Thanks Ian. Well, actually I have no idea. What is your web browser app? Ohh, great to hear that we have resolved the issue! I am happy to be of help. I am running MS Windows 10 Home, version Thank you so much for this!!!! Thanks again in any case already for this! How do I download it? Click on the big green download button on the web site linked in the post.

Confirming that it also works on Windows 11, beta build Thanks for this package! Hi Sergey, This game developed a strange habit over the time with Win 10 updates.

Any idea s how to solve this? I always believe that if the objective of the upgrade is to make the new OS look like the old one, then why upgrade at all? Besides, as can be seen from the comments above and elsewhere, lots of people have problems with the Windows 10 upgrade. This is one of the few things I can agree with Leo. If you still want to use Windows 10 but are unable or unwilling to do image backups then I suggest waiting until new PCs preinstalled with Windows 10 are available.

An OS is much more than just what it looks like. Since I do not need or want anything else in Windows 10 including the LOSS of functionality like the control of updates and the forced automatic updates , my equally simple response is that I find Windows 10 totally unnecessary at this point.

Wait until Microsoft releases a really troublesome Windows 10 update it will, if not now, eventually. Then I will laugh some more. If your Windows 10 system has a problem after installing some Windows 10 updates you may not even be able to find out which one do you harm since Microsoft now refuses to tell us what the Windows 10 updates actually do.

Are you going to remove it and leave your system open to attack, or install the update and leave your system inoperable? Leo, I have asked several times here but I repeat : have you ever tried to see if we can stop Windows 10 forced automatic updates I mean preventing the download and installation of the updates, just like we can in Windows 7 or 8.

To the best of my knowledge the official answer remains no — as you yourself have pointed out. Yeah, I have tried disabling the Windows Update service on my Windows 10 virtual machine, and it seems to work. After disabling the service Windows Update is unable to check for, download and install updates. But as you said, I have no idea whether that will have other unknown consequences now or in the future. If I am forced to run Windows 10 in the future I hope not, haha this may be an option for me.

Leo, the Digital River links you provided to download Windows 7 no longer work. The Softpedia links apparently are for the SP1 file only and not the whole Windows 7 iso file.

The link to download Windows 7 from Microsoft also redirect to the Windows 10 upgrade site. Frankly, I find it perplexing that seeming so many people want to take the Windows 10 plunge less than 1 month after release. They are facing the very real possibility of something not working correctly, be it software or hardware, after upgrading to Windows 10 from either Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Reverting back to the original OS may not be flawless either. Making an image backup or a clean installation is necessary for a successful revert without problems.

My personal opinion is that even if you want to use Windows 10 you should wait at least 6 months before you upgrade, for at that time the compatibility problems will be more likely to be resolved, or it will be clearer whether you need to purchase new hardware or software for use with Windows Windows 10 up grade went very well on my old laptop. They seem to have gotten 10 right. I was very pleased with Win 7 but 8.

Now Win 10 is almost as easy to use as Win 7. Everything you would normally use in an OS is there, just in different places or grouped differently. My first up grade went so well that after using it a couple of days I decided to up grade my better and newer machines.

Everything went great on all the rest of them. Now I can take my time up grading to a touch screen for my DIY desktop main system. By the way Leo I backup my main system weekly. Thanks for all the good advice over the years.

My experience with Windows 10 was pretty uneventful except for a few hiccups installing it keeping all of my programs and settings.

There are a few minor glitches which still show up like losing some file associations which have to be re-established. But working for Ask Leo! I used win 10 to go back to win 7 but it crashed half way through and now it will not boot up can not even use win 7 disc any ideas please. I assume you did not backup before the upgrade?

Why not like W10? I bought the hype, couldnt wait. But… Cortana didnt work. Edge never came to life. Many things i regularly use were were moved, changed, or rolled into something else.

I am a geezer. Put the tools in the toolbox, where god intended them! The machine was Slow slow slow, much slower than previous. Very frustrating days. I never wanted to learn so much about tech stuff, just wanted our 3 computers, one printer, two tablets 4 phones to do their job. Backup data was in the clouds pictures, G of home movies and music, so i am happy.

But i will never trust MS again. Oh, now that W7 is working i am happy. Odd, though, that neither IE nor One Drive will even load. That is all. Just a bitch session. I have a dell Inspiron laptop and upgraded from 7 to 10 and now it boots to a black screen how do I go back to 7 from the boot menus.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I upgraded from Win 7 to 10 about a month ago. I have not been able to get on the internet since. I have spent around 10 hours trying to solve this. Airplane will not turn off. I have tried to redo my email address and everything is fine there.

Every once and a while I get the message Server Unavailble. Unfortunately the only options for doing that are in this article. I have my data on a different physical drive. No problems with either upgrade although I wound up putting the 8. Did a Win 10 backup using Acronis.

A few days later the 10 upgrade went crazy. Apparently Win 10 creates a recovery partition. Nothing seems to like that. A proper image backup has been shown to work and work well. I upgraded and had no problems at first. Now, though a problem has come up. My question now is if I go back to Win 7 to get my encrypted files, can I then upgrade again to Win 10? This article might help: How do I get my attached drive to show in Windows Explorer?

In File Manager the drive shows up fine, has a letter assigned. I can open it and get to all the files. Now I understand. Not quite. However a friends computer might be the way to go. Thanks for the tip. I upgraded form windows 7 to 10 a few days ago. Could there be any reason for this? Anyone else have this problem? I have a problem, I installed Windows 10 and now I want to go back to Windows 7, and optional recovery options exist Go back to Windows 7!

Help me I do not know what to do! Windows 10 is Garbage! I had to revert to an older back up of my system. Windows 10 is worth every penny Microsoft charges for it. It will be a cold day in hell before I upgrade again! I suspect control from another partition and am thinking of reformating. Any thoughts? How to revert, if a machine with win 10 installed , and win 7 iso downloaded with product key is used to install. Should one format win 10 by win 7 install dvd and install.

It depends — and Leo explains it thoroughly in the article. Just remember that if you do a full install of Windows 7 that it will format your drive and delete out all your personal information, your files, all programs and personal data. So make sure you have everything backed up. I upgraded to win 10 from 7 and wanted to go back.

However when I try to go back I receive a message saying that I cannot go back on battery power alone plug in your machine and try again, When in fact my machine is plugged in.

I realize my battery may not be good but it is plugged in so is there a way to work around this? Thanks so much for your input. Personally, I would say to not try to restore back — unless you are restoring to a full image backup taken with a backup program.

Windows 10 is not bad enough to risk the problems. Let me say I am no techie. It was five miserable weeks after I installed Windows 10 that I discovered that the simple uninstall program had been eliminated by those nice friendly folk at Microsoft. I followed advice and directions from here and elsewhere and decided to take the settings, recovery etc. There was no option directly related to Windows 7.

The system was locked. I switched off by pulling the plug and restarted a couple of minutes later. Lo and behold I had dear old Windows 7 desktop back and after updates had finished all my folders were still there.

If I go back to Windows 7 after activating Windows 10, can I reinstall and activate Win 10 again for free on the same computer after the free upgrade period expires? What you can do, though, is take an image backup of your Win 10 system.

You should be able to restore from that at any time and it will be automatically recognized as registered. I switched to windows 10 from 7 and I did go back and forth several times for comparison. Suddenly everytime I clicked compose, up popped a major flaw in 1O. This went on for about 5 weeks. For the first time ever, my computer crashed, I could do nothing.

MSN is playing games with us and we need a R alph Nadder to stop them. Sooner or latter all these antics will do is cause another OS company to come in and that will not do Mr.

Gates or MSN any good. I hate to see where their stocks will end up. The internet is turning in to the OK Coral, anything goes, used car dealers and the old horse traders were better to their customers than these modern corporations. Instead of worrying about Hackers they should be stopped from these crazy antics. To add office which allows you to write letters on your computer, MSN now wants 9.

I had office on my windows 7 that I paid good money for, so when you are deciding whether to go to lO, consider the above expens 9. See what I mean, anything goes. That is 9. Nice work MSN……. Unless you have to have fully compatible documents, those alternative programs do everything the average user needs. I teach a computer course which includes Word and Excel.

One of the students is using Open Office. He is able to keep up with all the assignments, and there was only one feature so far that he was not able to find, and that was an advanced function which he was able to work around by creating his own formula. I might sound like a broken record on that, but my experience reading thousands of comments and questions on Ask Leo!

I personally consider this the most important article when it comes to any major or even minor upgrade or change on your computer. In fact backing up should be a daily process. As long as you have an eligible version of Windows ie. Win 7 or 8. This has nothing to do with when or how often you can upgrade Windows. I made two attempts to install W10 64 bit to my laptop , one attempt took 14 hours before failing when almost completed , after restoring W7 64b.

Perhaps this might be helpful to others experiencing problems. Hi — The laptop i purchased already had W Installing Windows 7 over it would get rid of it altogether. Assuming Windows 7 supports your machine, that is. I had two Windows 7 on two hard drives in my same computer, one was cloned from the other.

Is this upgrade supposed to make me surrender my old Windows 7 key in the second hard drive, or can I still keep them both running inside my same computer? I have a DVD with windows 7 professional and tried to install it. Is there any where I can restore them? DO check to see if another user account might have been created and if all your files might not be in the old user account.

I tried to revert a machine to Windows 7 after 30 days passed from a Windows 10 upgrade. I backed up the files from Windows 10 and did a fresh install of Windows 7, but 7 will not restore the 10 backup.

If you have an ideas about this issue, let me know! What about the office software? I got this piece of crap with 7 installed. Another frustrating day on a pc. I know pc users are used to fruistration, but this is even more annoying because I hate pcs with a passion.

Here is an article on how to reinstall your operating system. It was written for XP and Vista but the principles are basically the same. Your challenge will be in getting a legitimate copy of Windows 8 to install. If your USB has that then you are fine. But my recommendation is to stay with It is not that much different than 8, and if you hate computers all that much you are really going to hate the hassle of reinstalling everything.

Be sure to back up because reinstalling will wipe everything off your computer. All your data, all your programs, all your settings: everything. I installed 3 windows in my pc first was 7 the original one and 2 was 8 but was not activated then 10 which was also not activated and was demo period then I saw we have to go in settings then in update and security and then go back to windows 7 but there was not written that go back to windows 7 now how can i go back i am afraid.

You can do a system image backup before installing. This article discusses upgrades but applies also to downgrades. You would have to install Windows and all of your programs from scratch, but you could use the backup to restore your data.

I really did not have the needed info. I need to change the Windows 10 I have on my just bought new computer to windows 7, I prefer. What can I do? I already saw solutions to upgrade or downgrade, but this is a totally new scenario? Quick tip… never post your email address on an open forum. That is free game to spammers. We removed the email for your security. If you purchased a computer that has Windows 10 on it you should really stay with that. Changing to Windows 7 will require purchasing the operating system separately, reformatting the entire disk, and installing the operating system.


Windows 10 computer wont fully shut down free


By mrtinfy , October 18, in Improve your 3D prints. Cura haven’t patch the issue nor help anyone at all for what i have read in the forum. What i think is that people who had older versions of it, cura automatically install the version that it needs to run and that’s why some people doesnt have this issue. I hope you guys can help Thanks in advance!

And then how do I reinstall all the other versions that who-knows-what software needs to function? It only offered me the options to uninstall or repair, so it must have been installed already. I tried the repair option which completed successfully. But the problem with the blank windows that crashes after a few seconds is still the same. So I guess that symptom has many root causes unfortunately. From another thread, it seems like some installer programs check for the existence of incorrectly and thus fail when that specific redist is not found even though the later versions fully replace it.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me! Each distributable has 2 versions! I solved the problem on my laptop by upgrading to the latest graphics drivers from Intel newer than the ones from the laptop vendor who doesn’t update them anymore. I have stumbled onto a fix for my Cura issues and wanted to share this in case it solves this for others too.

I have an Ender 3 Pro – Purchased new at beginning of December — Not sure of board version, it does not appear to have the quiet stepper motors.

My computer is a Dell M laptop with a Quadro M graphics card, my operating system is a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. Neither Cura 4. The Creality fix – Navigate to folder with Creality slicer software. This has worked consistently for all modes of the software.

I have tried many options in the software version 4. To test this theory, I shut down the PC rebooted and loaded Cura, as before it works. This is the only change to my system and having checked I cannot see any Windows updates in the last 24 hours so am discounting that as the cure. Installed the latest version? Its an odd one. I installed windows 10 Pro a week ago. I didn’t install any native Quadro drivers.

Microsoft is installing “default” drivers When I installed Freecad v. Their website suggested updating all the drivers. I did that and it worked, but now Cura 4. I tried everything listed here, but nothing worked. It was the graphics driver, newly updated through Windows Update. I have a Radon R6 graphics card, so I went to their website and lo and behold there was a new beta driver for my card. I installed that and Cura now loads fine and works great.

Cura 4. I hope this helps anyone out there still having this problem. Hi this is the problem I face very hard to find and i couldn’t fix this issue more than a mouth. I checked graphic card running several benchmark test, but I couldn’t find what is the problem, some times cura open and work, but some times it’s not worked, cura not given any massage despaired from startup, one day I had same problem in substance painter software then I remove Nvidia Graphic Driver after used only default Microsoft driver , after that I see cure is working and I re install driver then after not working cure and substanice painter agin , after that i removed Graphic card monitoring Software’s ” ASUS GPU Tweak II ” and ” GPU-Z ” after that Cura waking fine no problem after that.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It’s easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. SandervG posted a topic in Official news , February 9, I May have a solution. Cura won’t open in windows 10? Share More sharing options Followers 5. Recommended Posts. Link to post Share on other sites More sharing options Cura does start eventually, but only after multiple tries of attempting to start it.

DarkJedi86 0 Posted May 31, The new version of cura works fine now for me. DarkJedi86 0 Posted June 1, Its still not working for me at all. Tropical-T 0 Posted December 10, Hi Folks, I have stumbled onto a fix for my Cura issues and wanted to share this in case it solves this for others too. Hope this helps. Tropical T. Mari 33 Posted December 10, Hi Mari, Its an odd one.

I will look these today but note that whatever came with Prontaface cured my issue. Mari 33 Posted December 11, Grumpasteve 1 Posted July 16, Please use correct Graphic card Driver 2. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go to topic listing.

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