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Stranded Deep is a nerve-wracking survival game that throws the player into a plane crash the moment it begins. Your mission is to survive the expanse of the open world by building , crafting , and escaping.

To brave through the journey, you must learn to create weapons, rafts, and shelters while hunting for water and food. Stranded Deep begins with the player comfortably seated in a private jet, flying to an unknown location.

The reason behind the journey is never revealed. The calm of the plane gets replaced by alarms sounding from the cockpit. Soon enough, you find yourself free-falling directly into the sea. As the only plane crash survivor, you must make it to the lifeboat. The scene cuts to give players some gameplay tips , including information on how players can scavenge and observe their health stats. You have the option to find an island, build a shelter, farm, and hunt.

You can also build a raft to explore the open waters or other islands. Irrespective of the task you choose, each is fraught with some danger so you must stay alert! For every danger, there is an action that you can perform. If you find yourself burning under the rays of the sun, then construct a shelter and build water collectors to keep yourself hydrated.

The game gives you another life after the plane crash. The environment is tough to survive and the challenges are difficult, so you must be ready to die an awful lot of times. Your character will progress by completing tasks. If you cut down a palm tree, you increase your harvesting skills. When you fight an animal, you become better at hunting. Every action that you perform makes you better, improves your skills, and increases your chances of survival. The learning curve is extremely steep , so expect as many hurdles as you can.

As your skill and stats get better, the game becomes easier and you die less. The world of this game follows a day and night cycle and offers varying weather conditions. While the colors of the island are a reminder of the tropics, the sea feels cool and inviting. The animals are just as animated and have a knack for camouflage, so you must always stay on your toes. Yes, if you are running a Windows Vista or above on your system, you can easily play this game.

The game has no final victory, but players have to work towards different achievements. However, the developers are toying with the idea of introducing planes, so the players can signal them and get rescued.

Some of these have a multiplayer mode , which is what is lacking and is a primary drawback when playing this game. Stranded Deep is a fun but difficult survival game without an end. You must stay careful about keeping your shelter intact and your raft from falling into the ocean.

Because, if either of those things happens, you can find yourself in bigger trouble than before. Apart from that, you must build strength and keep your vitals in check. The game can go on for hours and is an interesting survival game that you should download. The choice to add coop in the near future would be an even more amazing experience with friends that would lift the game’s popularity even higher.

But still an amazing game. Good but can be better.. This game is a good survival game with many great features. The farming update made it 10x better!!! But one thing I wo uld change is that you have to have a shelter to save. I would make so that you can save any where. Pros: farming animals Cons: saving the game paddleing speed More. Markiplier played it and I loved the mechanics and realistic environment!.

Why do the sharks not behave realistically? They shouldn’t be so chas e-down bloodthirsty, but maybe inmstead kind of follow you or only attack if you’;re injured. Pros: Realistic mechanics Cons: Bad sharkies More.

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The sandbox survival game Stranded Deep is rife with beautiful, dangerous islands to explore. With an active modding community and hundreds of options available to gamers, many Stranded Deep fans want to know what the best mods are, and how they can install them into their game. Many games have a wide variety of mods to choose from, like groundbreaking Skyrim gameplay mods that are just a small handful available to fans of the year-old title.

Conversely, an overwhelming proportion of Stranded Deep mods are for new maps, as players look for areas to explore. Here are the best mods, presented in no particular order, along with instructions for getting them installed.

Updated April 27, by Ritwik Mitra: Stranded Deep is a pretty engaging game that any fan of the survival genre should check out. There was a time when the very release of this game was in doubt when its publisher, Telltale Games, shut down.

However, Stranded Deep found a footing of its own soon enough and was finally released to great fanfare. Here are some great mods made by the community that can enhance one’s enjoyment of this title even more!

Though it may be a different game, players should familiarize themselves with the biggest mistakes gamers make when modding Fallout 4 , as most of these tips apply to adding mods to any game. Once players are comfortable and have found a map they like, they must install the mod into Stranded Deep in order to access it. For mods that are downloaded from another source, such as Nexus, the steps will vary between PC and Mac.

There are several custom maps made for Stranded Deep that can spice up the gameplay experience quite a bit. The vast majority of these map mods are made by Skirow, one of the most popular modders in this game’s community. This modder has made several maps for the game, with Kawailoa being one of the many great mods he has made for Stranded Deep. It’s a pretty clever map, with the cavern in the middle serving as a great hub while players explore this isolated island and try to survive.

This cluster of three islands makes for a great place to start a game of Stranded Deep. There’s a cavern at the center of these three islands, making it perfect for a makeshift base of operations.

Of course, players need to be on top of their game and survive through any means necessary. It’s imperative for them to survive in such a harsh landscape where a single misstep could prove to be costly. Before anyone asks, this map is not a reference to the classic town from Final Fantasy 8. It’s actually a custom map that can prove to be a great place for beginners to start. Resources are aplenty and players can even experiment to understand how the game works here.

All in all, Fisherman’s Horizon is a fun map to explore when players don’t want their game of Stranded Deep to feel too stressful. Just like Fisherman’s Horizon, Tora-Tora is another great map where players can breeze through the game with ease. The abundance of resources and safe spots means that players can enjoy the mechanics of Stranded Deep without feeling trapped.

It’s a great island that is perfect for people new to the game to check out. It provides enough items to the player for them to easily mess around with the crafting system and figure out what all is possible from the get-go.

Some custom-made maps in Stranded Deep tell really immersive and engaging stories. Exploring the ruins of the High Tide Fortress is one such map that is going to be pretty enjoyable indeed. The map isn’t the hardest area to survive in, but players still need to be wary and take care of themselves at all times. Survival is worth it for players to explore a fortress that is teeming with rich secrets and goodies to find.

There are more than 40 animals and over 1, plants and trees across a landscape that varies from sprawling jungles to beach shores. There is also said to be a cave hidden somewhere on the massive island which contains special loot for anyone with the patience to seek it out. With an abundance of loot and buildable land available, it’s advisable for Stranded Deep players to learn how to get container walls before traveling to this lush island.

The loot and resources may be bountiful, but this island paradise built by survivors while waiting to be rescued has few places for players to erect shelters, and can only be accessed via underwater caves. Players who want to know more will have to travel to the island of Albara. With such an intriguing mystery to explore, PC players may want to invite a friend for Stranded Deep co-op play.

For games like Skyrim , even the worst mods are varied , but non-map mods are comparatively rare for Stranded Deep. Many players find the quantity restrictions to their inventory to be prohibitive, making the game more inaccessible than challenging. Additionally, some fans prefer for the day-night cycle of the game to be a little bit longer. On the Nexus page for this mod, players can choose to download one, or both files in order to see their inventory stack size increased from four to eight, and the day-night cycle lengthened for exploration and survival purposes.

This mod operates differently from map mods, and as such, has different installation instructions to those provided for the other mods on this list.

To install this mod:. Read Next in indie games.