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Products Phones Laptops Desktops. Aura Intelligent Cooling. Wallpapers Aura Sync Armoury crate. Sign In Sign Up. Results 1 to 10 of I called Asus tech support and, as usual, was let down. The guy didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about, nor did he seek help to find out. I’m trying to find out where I asus ramdisk windows 10 get the software.

I checked the downloads section on this site but couldn’t find it, and I checked the disk that came with my motherboard, but no asus ramdisk windows 10 there, either. Can anyone windows 10 not booting correctly free download me in the right direction?

Originally Posted by Korth. Just a note. Hi all! My first post Is there some way to get the latest software version? Is the above link an official Asus download asus ramdisk windows 10 Be careful what you are downloading.

Looks suspicious to me. Last edited by colesdav; at PM. DataRAM offers free version Free version is towards the bottom of their page. Boom, drop the mike. Hello everyone! The slider of the приведенная ссылка window does not allow more memory to be allocated. Is this a 96, MB limit? What does it depend on? Tags for this Thread ramdisk.


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One asus ramdisk windows 10 my regular tasks is to run scanpst. Mihail читать далее years ago. Martin Prince 9 years ago. Be advised that as Windows 10 Updatetrying to create a ram drive of Ramdosk or larger will fail with error code CA. What system did you use to test? Electric Then this solution is a very good alternative.


Asus ramdisk windows 10


Drivers Motherboards Video cards Notebooks Printers. Our sites Alawar games Free Driver. Other Old Bioses Driver Easy. We’ve updated our privacy policy, effective May 25, Learn More. Although you might think RAM disks all work at the same speed because they use the same physical RAM, that is not the case.

Better coded and optimized RAM disk software really can make a difference in how well the disks perform. Here we look at 11 free programs that can create RAM disks and run a performance test to see how fast each program is when reading from and writing to the RAM disk. The popular CrystalDiskMark tool is used to run the benchmark. The 4K scores test small file performance while Sequential Seq scores test the speed of transferring larger files.

Depending on the intended use for the RAM disk, one set of scores may be more important than the other. A good score in both 4K and sequential tests would be the best result for general all round good performance. This is what really sets a solid state drive apart from a mechanical hard drive in terms of performance.

The CrystalDiskMark test file size is set to MB and each test is run with 5 passes to give an average. We also run a test recently added to CrystalDiskMark called Mix. This score is useful to get a general overview of performance.

Obviously, the slower your computer and system memory is, the slower your RAM disk will perform in comparison. ImDisk Toolkit. RAM disk size is not limited and there are options to load content from an image file or folder, synchronize at shutdown, enable compression, auto add temporary folders, and allocate memory for the RAM disk dynamically. Note that the option to allocate memory dynamically is not enabled as it is supposed to lower the performance of the RAM disk.

Higher limits can be purchased separately. Note you will get an ad window when opening the user interface. The Junction tab is useful so you can easily create junction points to map real folders to the RAM disk. Seven of the eight CrystalDiskMark scores did improve but the difference was so small that it would be unnoticeable in real world use.

Known limitations of the free Lite version include only one RAM disk at any one time with a maximum size of 2GB, and no Dynamic memory allocation. One slight annoyance is the buy now nag often pops up when opening the user interface. Miray RAM Drive. Miray RAM Drive is definitely the easiest program to use here and is almost foolproof to operate for all but the most inexperienced of users. However, that comes at the expense of features. There are no real features to speak of and you simply have options to autostart with Windows and adjust a few confirmation dialogs.

Simply click on the tray icon, adjust the slider to set the RAM drive size, and press the power button to mount. This can be expanded by purchasing a paid version. Dataram RAMDisk. The only major differences are Dataram has a smaller maximum RAM drive size of 1GB, you can select a FAT or unformatted filesystem, and there is an option to choose a boot sector type. The AMD tool has additional options to choose what type of disk to load on startup and which drive letter to assign the RAM drive to.

Both will periodically popup an ad window. Qiling Disk Master Free. Disk Master is a multi-purpose application with some useful features. It has options to change the drive letter, save the drive contents, and put Temp folders onto the disk including setting the system TEMP folder to the RAM drive. Passmark OSFMount. You can directly load one of those virtual disks as a RAM drive while going through the setup wizard. Make sure to enable the option to format the drive during its setup, otherwise, you will have to manually format afterward.

Most of the options during step 4 of the wizard setup should be left alone and are mostly related to virtual drive images. Gizmo Drive Part of Gizmo Central. Luckily, if you just want the Gizmo Drive RAM disk, these other components can be excluded during install. Once installed, select an empty virtual device and press Create Image. Size is only limited to the amount of system RAM you have and you can create up to 10 virtual disks at once.

But with the release of version 4 in , it went back to being shareware again. Multiple drives can be mounted and unmounted from the user interface. You can select the default filesystem and also supply folders to be auto created once the drive is mounted. The version tested and the download link is for the last free version, 3. Starwind is another nice and simple RAM disk software to use. However, for some stupid reason, StarWind requires you to fill in a form on their website to download the software.

A temporary email works just fine though. The only other notable options are setting the default RAM disk configuration and changing the skin for the software interface.

There are some other RAM disks out there that we have tested before or looked at and cannot include for various reasons. BondDisc is another tool we looked at in the past that is actually very fast. As we mentioned earlier, the results can be split into two distinct categories, 4K scores and Sequential Seq scores. The Q8T1 score for sequential and Q32T1 score for 4K is how well the RAM disk handles multiple file transfer requests at once, so they represent a heavier workload.

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