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I have tried to install the Office on Windows 10 Home but unable to complete it. almost nearly at the end the installation process rolls. Navigate lớn Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > the Office folder in the left-pane và clichồng on Delete Folder in the right-. Open the Installation folder, right-click on

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Any behavior that is insulting, rude, vulgar, desecrating, or showing disrespect. I don’t know why the simple fact that the Office folder existed within Task Scheduler prevented this from running but its removal fixed my issue. Ссылка на страницу thread is locked. Tried to find the Rgstrtn. Search the community and support articles Install, redeem, activate Microsoft and Office Search Community encounteres. Was this reply helpful?


Fix: Microsoft Office Professional Plus Encountered An Error During Setup.


Objective: build an app to track cargo loading and unloading timings once a semi trailer arrives at a distribution center. Also, provide notification or alerts to the network of cargo drivers.

One color or icon for each type of alert, displayed on the navigation map. Servidor Windows Server y Lo que buscamos es alguien que configures dns en ambos servidores y que haga un node entre ellos uno esta ubicado en diferentes lugares. Need Purchase requisition form created using Access. Fullstack developers Timeframe: 2 months. I need to integrate 4 email accounts and calendars. Hi, Look for Dstributed database expert to install data base on P2P network.

Godaddy has a dynamic, moving template. Our example videos are geared towards the Tik Tok crowd. We will provide content and competitor websites for comparison purposes as well as Godaddy login credentials when needed. We will need: 1. User button, 2. Stripe payment setup and “buy now” button.

Provide a “create user” link to our white label software , 4. Ultimately, we are looking for a fun and youthful, but simple t Then, I go over who will be a good fit. Finally, I list some of the job duties. I want to introduce myself. I’ve been an online entrepreneur since I was fired in Here’s how I would describe my business in one sentence: I help Airbnb hosts make more money. I want you to think of yourself as a partner, as you’ll really have an important effect on my business.

A partner is someone who will hel I am looking for a professional trader with the potential to have high equity. Starting point demo account with a 5k GBP equity and following the success of the demo account will start with 5k GBP equity. It must have my own back office where I can make adjustments. It must be able to work on a normal touch screen computer with all the favourite games like Book of Ra and so on. I have created a flask app which works fine in development.

However, when I launch this in production environment using Gunicorn , I do not see updated code changes. For example, my index route returns Hello World when I first launch the server.

I am confused as to why this might be happening. I need someone to set this up for me ASAP. Looking for a logo design for a family law attorney. Herr, PC Please make the logo clear with basic design. It can include the ‘Scales of Justice’ to the logo as well. I want Reverse Proxy Setup for aws ec2 instance.

We need someone to help us make an crm application that is similar to Microsoft teams and slack. Task is to setup mailserver for all existing and future websites on vps server running centOs7 with cwp. Users can search ,serviced offices, virtual offices and Coworking space by country and send enquiries about their requirements online.

All enquiries will need to be logged on the system and as well as emailed including quantifiable xml data file in attachment to the operators. Users will be able to enquire about the serviced offices and buy virtual office packages and coworking space memberships online and pay with credit card stripe, PayPal, etc.

I have 5 artworks that need to be sold, sell it, grab your commission up to 3 Euros. Need Need a proven website guru fixer to quickly correct and get the following website optimized up and back up: 1. Website: plugin issue 7. Where is it? Once we narrow down a worker will send the ftp to login to Thanks. Budget: pref. We need to build an interactive calendar that allows us to schedule jobs and then assign labor to each job.

It will need to be able to allow our project managers to collaborate virtually from different locations, in real time, both in the office and in the field. I need to create a dashoard with the most improtant information for managment of my customer. Please don’t apply if you don’t have windows 11 in your computer.

Hello, This time we need a tech content writer who write about windows 11 problem and solution. What you need to do? Article spinning or paraphrase not allowed 3. Must have windows 11 in you pc or laptop because as it is a step by step guide you need to add screenshot for every steps.

Example: how to disable windows 11 firewall 5. You need to delivery 10k to 20k word in every month. And it’s a long term project as well. Mention your budget in the bid. Its a small Microsoft API working code in. We have a client who uses a print Macro within Microsoft Word which applies and saves the paper trays.

So the user selects the first page which is on company headed paper from a specific tray, then selects the tray for continuous paper and then finally selects a tray for plain paper for a copy.

The print macro works for the photocopiers but the client has now purchased HP Laserjet MFP M which works apart from the second page for continuous paper doesn’t swop over but keeps printing on which ever tray is selected on the first page.

The print template and the exportedUI file is available on request. I need to recreate one window with opening see attached render examples – how much will it cost? Error running playbook on Linux box that runs commands on windows box to update xml.

Videos should contain the top 10 things on various niches and topics. Should include the following Videos Should be in HD Minimum 3 min long for top 5 topics Minimum 6 min for top 10 topics It should include catching thumbnail about the topic the video is American Voiceover should be included We will provide the topics for the videos Providing content you made about this is a plus!

I need someone to setup for me Reinforced Learning environment whit Tensor Trade framework described in this article: There are some examples provided by author, as well as few tutorials. My knowledge of Python not enough to figure it out. I am open to all offers, with your ideas about the price. It will save you lots of time and will boost your blog article quality! Take into account that this is a hiring contest. If you win the contest, there is a chance we might offer you a full-time position to write blog posts for us.

It is really important that you understand the difference between Pillar page and cluster content. Explained in detailed in a video we created on the specific content cluster must watch please where you will also learn the Hi Bhawan. I have noticed that there is a CSS style error on one of the “Small” Email templates as well as some tweaks for the padding. Change padding between Title and Body Text to 60px.

Change padding between paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 to 40px. Fix font styling of bullet and numbers text to match the normal paragraph styling see “4” for reference. Please do tests to login via ManageWP. New freelancers are welcome. We are an on-demand website where hundreds of programming-related topics need to be covered every day. All programming languages are welcome.

A simple windows script is request that will be launched on startup and it will do the following 1. We are Agritecture, an urban farming company that works with clients all over the world to advance indoor agriculture.

Our web app, Agritecture Designer , guides entrepreneurs through the process of designing, planning, and building an urban farm. The purpose of the app is to make this process accessible to as many entrepreneurs as possible.

We already have a defined brand and style guide, so we’ll need our designer to create new mockups on Figma or InVision to add new screens, new features, and new sections to the existing app that will flow and keep the same feel of the existin The developer must also have a good Internet connection and be comfortable working on a remote desktop application, like TeamViewer. The interview process will consist of taking tests to gauge your experience and cognitive ability.

The rate of pay will be based on the test scores and level of experience. Amount of work can be anywhere from 30 hours a week to 40 hours a week, depending on the workload for the week. The candidate needs to agree to work during the US Eastern time zone, anytime between 8am and 10pm. We will only consider an individual, not an agency.

Employment of th WE are looking forward for technicians with experience in following Applications and services.


Microsoft office 2016 encountered an error during setup windows 10 free.Microsoft office 2016 encountered an error during setup windows 10 işler


Hello, We having had several meetings with Salesforce for our service business. We have the bid from Salesforce but the developer they recommended was too expensive for our budget. I am hoping to get a few bids from other CRM developers. We do need to scheduler to tie into our website to allow customers to book appointments online.

Actually i am able to done the whole setting but the issue is http request says ” Error unable to verify the first certificate” See the Attachment. And help me to deal with this. We would like to have an option for our clients to create and use their own forms in our electronic health records software. We have 35 placeholders built-in that we would like to have the option to include. We also have an eSignature option built-in. We would like clients to create their own Intake Forms that they can then have their clients complete and submit electronically.

We need to create a Windows10 IOT enterprise image and another one with Windows7 configured so that the windows interface and the welcome screens are not visible to use in a slot. I bought a WordPress theme, but one of the pages is not displaying properly. I need an experienced WordPress developer to diagnose and fix the page display error. Hi, I’m building a mobile app with Flutter and the front-end will be done soon, and 3 pages of admin panel on web for the app.

Admin panel was built with React. Front-end will include everything except the back-end part. For example, textfield, buttons, page numbers, etc will be done on front-end side. We can talk about the details on the chat! Hello experts I have a small problem with my site. Pictures do not appear on the site I am looking for a fast and experienced person to enter and correct the error in displaying pictures Site www. Hi, I need a telegram b0t connected to an asterisk extension that has 8 different buttons.

All the buttons must program a call to a number that will always be the same, and 5 seconds after the recipient answers, each button will dial two different numbers. Example: I press the first button, asterisk generates a call to phone X, and once it answers that number it waits 3 seconds and dials number I press the first button in telegram, asterisk generates a call to phone X, and once it answers that number it waits 5 seconds and dials number Example 2: I press the second bot button in telegram, asterisk generates a call to phone X, and once it answers that number it waits 3 seconds and dials number And so on with the rest of the buttons.

After dialing any number, the b Typing game Need to create a console game: -Random generation from a file – Error rate algorithm -Evaluation time, accuracy, number of strokes per second, This work have to be done in python The picture shows what the game should look like.

OS windows. Overview: I have a Spaceclaim file that contains a facet model of a section of a lava tube. I am going to use Fluent to do some open channel modeling and need help creating the right geometries and surface.

The job is to take the file and prepare it for meshing in Fluent. I’ll do the meshing In the file I have labeled two planes, inlet and outlet thus providing the is the orientation of the tube.

I look forward to discuss I would like a photo of my coworker turned into a cartoon style as a parting gift for her leaving the office. I am thinking more of a Japanese style animation highlighting the vibrant colours and dark silhouetted areas. Design a business card, i have a design we like and a logo etc all setup. Hi, Am looking into developing a dating app and lookign for a good dev.

You need to have great track record and pricing for this project. I will need you to setup the stores, get the apps approved in IOS and Android, setup the 3rd parties needed like payments, facebook API and the other things needed in the app for it to be great and stable. Framework am looking into doing this in native application. Give me some ideas I’m going to compile this project on Linux.

This is a very simple task. Discuss more via private chat. We will provide DWG files with every detail. Gib uns in deine Bewerbung bitte folgende Infos durch What is the required configurations that could resolve the above issue.

Probably the install of a plugin or theme update made the category page not working anymore. Please check for info. Let me know if you’ll be able to quick fix this problem. We had a Laravel website running at touringapp. As it is aimed to support touristic tours, we put it to sleep at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. We are looking for someone who can have a look at this issue and has the skillset to fix most common Laravel issues. If all goes well, we will keep working with you to further expand the website’s features.

We will ignore all default replays: if you are serious about getting our attention, let us know in your replay by which registrar the URL is hosted. We prefer individual developers over agencies. I need to be able to calculate PTO for our employees for seven locations according to the attached chart. Sometimes the employees work in more than 1 location.

Each month we need to 1. Determine average hours each employee worked per month based upon the formula attached.

If they worked in more than one location, those hours need to be added together. Create the correct multiplier for PTO based upon the length of employment. Allow easy addition of new employees into the spreadsheet as Please see attached table.

We have employees working in multiple locations. Spreadsheet needs to add hours we key in for each employee, even when they work in multiple locations and determine average numbers of hours worked monthly based upon 5 day workweek. We will em We will employee’s start date and your product needs to determine and adjust correct PTO multiplier for the length of service.

We need to be able to add employees during the year to the chart. Hey i buy source code from codecanyon , i want to install the web version on my sever.

I have the documentation for it. I have install the admin panel already. This is the docmentation. Need help setting up a new wordpress website, the theme design we want was abandoned by the creators, so want to take the design elements and add them to a theme compatible with the latest wordpress and woocommerce updates.

Pink version of the theme is what we are going for. I have following modulation required. Update 1. Uninstall and install this plugin with a logo change within the directory 3. I have a document that was built to be printed as a book, but I need it to be just page by page. We should be able to upload courses, sell them globally. Have students register and take courses. We will be using one of the standard theme samples itself and will be customising around it.

One VPS instance access will be given for development and all development work has to be done on that instance only. We can discuss any details over chat. Looking for someone who have experience setting up any one of these PoS validator nodes on a cloud hosting provider like AWS or GCP: – algorand – solana – celo – tezos – harmony – avax – cosmos – polygon – near Also it need to be someone who have done periodic updates and management for any of the above nodes. I need you to setup just one of those nodes on any of the cloud hosting and have it perform updates automatically.

EUR 1, payment award upon converting 1 successful client to do 1 project. What you need to do: – Client scouting – Email outreach What you need to do: – Client scouting – Email outreach – LinkedIn outreach – Pitch – Client conversion – Any other sales method for client acquisition Client Industries: – Any industry located anywhere in the world.

I have some pdf. I want to change it word file office Some file English and some file math Bangla version. If you are not hard worker, this job not for you.

Add your proposal, how many charge for plane English type every word and how many math Bangla version. Create Power Automate flow with Expressions to extract specific data points from Office email invoices to insert into new rows of Excel Tables.