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The 56th inauguration, which set a record attendance for any event held in the city, marked the commencement of the first term of Obama as president and Joe Biden as vice president.

Based on combined attendance numbers, television viewership, and Internet traffic, it was one of the most-observed events ever by the global audience.

In his speeches to the crowds, Obama referred to ideals expressed by Lincoln about renewal, continuity, and national unity. Obama mentioned these ideals in his speech to stress the need for shared sacrifice and a new sense of responsibility to answer America’s challenges at home and abroad. Obama and others paid homage to Lincoln in the form of tributes and references during several events, starting with a commemorative train tour from Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.

The inaugural events held in Washington from January 18 to 21, , included concerts, a national day of community service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day , the swearing-in ceremony, luncheon and parade, inaugural balls, and the interfaith inaugural prayer service. In addition to a larger than usual celebrity attendance, the Presidential Inaugural Committee increased its outreach to ordinary citizens to encourage greater participation in inaugural events compared with participation in recent past inaugurations.

For the first time, the committee opened the entire length of the National Mall as the public viewing area for the swearing-in ceremony, breaking with the tradition of past inaugurations.

Selected American citizens participated in the train tour and other inaugural events. A philanthropist organized a People’s Inaugural Ball for disadvantaged people who otherwise could not afford to attend the inaugural festivities.

Among the celebrations for the inauguration, the committee hosted a first-ever Neighborhood Inaugural Ball with free or affordable tickets for ordinary citizens. By definition, the inauguration marked the formal culmination of the presidential transition of Barack Obama that began when he won the United States presidential election on November 4, , and became the president-elect.

Obama also represented a generational change as the first man elected president who was born in the s. He inherited what Peter Orszag termed an “economic mess” that became known as the lates financial crisis. The inauguration was planned primarily by two committees: the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies and the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Although the election was scheduled for November 4, , the congressional committee began constructing the inaugural platform on September 24, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. The congressional committee released the full schedule of the January 20 inaugural events on December 17, Obama”, although Obama specified previously that he intended to use his full name for his swearing-in ceremony, including his middle name Hussein.

Rogers Jr. For the first time in history, the Presidential Inaugural Committee opened the full length of National Mall , which extends from the United States Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial , as the public viewing area for the swearing-in ceremony. Capitol for people holding reserved tickets for the inaugural event. Despite criticism that such a large event could not be carbon-friendly , the presidential committee incorporated environment-friendly measures in its planning of the inaugural events.

The environmental measures included the use of recyclable carpet for the platform, retrieval of recyclable items from outdoor areas after an event, [26] and the use of recycled paper for invitations and inaugural ball tickets.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee attempted to raise more individual contributions in smaller dollar amounts compared with the second inauguration of George W. Bush in Bush declared a federal state of emergency as a precaution so that funds could be sought from Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Presidential Inaugural Committee and members of the th U.

Congress distributed invitations and color-coded tickets to both dignitaries and ordinary citizens for the reserved sections on or near the U.

Capitol grounds to view the swearing-in ceremony. Because of high demand and limited availability of the reserved tickets, some people planned to offer their tickets for sale through ticket brokers, Internet auctions and classified listing services. Federal and state officials became concerned about ticket scalping and fraud related to sales of the tickets for the swearing-in ceremony.

To address the committee’s concerns, StubHub and eBay agreed to ban ticket sales for the swearing-in ceremony on all of its sites. Senate failed to pass the final bill, which caused the bill to die in the closing days of the lame duck legislative session. On January 17, , Obama hosted a whistle stop train tour in honor of the th anniversary of the birth year of Abraham Lincoln.

Obama reenacted the final part of Lincoln’s train tour from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D. For the train ride to Washington, Obama invited 41 “everyday Americans” that he met during his presidential campaign to accompany him on the tour and attend other inaugural events, including the swearing-in ceremony, the parade and an inaugural ball. Obama commenced the tour in Philadelphia by holding a town hall meeting at 30th Street Station with a few hundred supporters.

Biden, dubbed “Amtrak Joe” for his daily commutes on Amtrak between Wilmington and Washington, built a reputation as a supporter of increased funding for U. During his speeches to the crowds, he emphasized the theme “A New Birth of Freedom” using phrases associated with Lincoln such as “better angels” and “a new declaration of independence”. On January 18, , the day after Obama arrived in Washington, D.

The concert featured performances and readings of historical passages by more than three dozen celebrities. Day, a U. King ‘s birthday. Obama called upon communities everywhere to observe the King Day of Service, a day of citizen volunteer service honoring the human rights leader.

Obama spent an hour at Walter Reed Army Medical Center meeting privately with the families of troops who were recovering from wounds sustained in the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. Joe Biden hung drywall at a Habitat for Humanity home in N. Washington, D. Kennedy Stadium where they helped thousands of volunteers prepare more than 85, care packages destined for U. The Washington Metro recorded , passenger trips on January 19, breaking the single day ridership record of , passenger trips set on July 11, Navy Concert Band , served as the platform announcer.

Evangelical pastor Rick Warren delivered the invocation for the inaugural ceremony, [82] [83] followed by a performance by vocalist Aretha Franklin , who sang ” My Country, ‘Tis of Thee “. The program featured a performance of John Williams ‘ composition ” Air and Simple Gifts “, [16] which was both pre-recorded and performed live synched with the recording by cellist Yo-Yo Ma , violinist Itzhak Perlman , pianist Gabriela Montero and clarinetist Anthony McGill.

After he completed the presidential oath, Obama received in his honor as the new president the gun salute , and the first playing of four ruffles and flourishes and the march ” Hail to the Chief ” by members of the armed forces.

Obama delivered his inaugural address to the crowds as the president of the United States following his swearing-in ceremony. Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to Obama.

Michelle Obama held the Bible , which was used by Abraham Lincoln at his inauguration, as Barack Obama placed his hand on the Bible and recited the presidential oath.

Roberts and Obama made several mistakes as they recited the oath. The proper wording for the oath of office is prescribed in the Constitution :. I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Roberts had practiced for the ceremony carefully. However, a memo noting his planned pauses in the recitation of the oath failed to reach Obama’s staff before the swearing-in.

Obama then correctly repeated the entire phrase “I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear. Roberts, who was not using notes, rendered the next phrase as “that I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully,” misplacing the word faithfully and saying president to instead of president of.

Obama repeated, “that I will execute”, then paused. Roberts attempted to correct the wording, but stumbled: “the off— faithfully the pres— the office of President of the United States. Roberts ended the presidential oath by appending the phrase “so help you God” to the end of the constitutionally prescribed oath, and Obama responded ” so help me God ” when he was prompted.

Obama had asked previously to include “so help me God” after the oath. Much public discussion arose about the errors in administering and reciting the oath. Several constitutional scholars said that Obama should retake the oath. Boston University constitutional scholar Jack Beermann suggested that while the courts would likely never even consider a challenge, he would still advise Obama to retake the oath if he were his lawyer since “the Constitution says what he’s supposed to say.

The second oath ceremony took place on the evening of January 21, in the Map Room of the White House before a small audience of presidential aides, reporters and a White House photographer.

Craig added that “the oath of office was administered effectively and But the oath appears in the Constitution itself. The central theme of President Obama’s inaugural address was a call to restore responsibility—both in terms of accountability in Washington and the responsibility of ordinary people to get involved.

Instead, he used traditional references to connect his new administration with the nation’s history in a speech that was understated deliberately, according to rhetoric expert James Mackin. Obama concluded the second paragraph of his address by saying, “we the people have remained faithful to the ideals of our forebears and true to our founding documents.

Near the end of the speech, Obama referred to words written by Thomas Paine in The American Crisis , which were ordered by George Washington to be read to his troops: “Let it be told to the future world Obama’s goal for his Inaugural speech was to stir the following response among Americans: “This is why I want to go into public service and be a better politician.

This is why I want to go home and be a better parent, better worker, better citizen. As part of Obama’s call for responsibility, he said, “what is required of us now is a new era of responsibility—a recognition, on the part of every American” and “those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account. Obama’s speech contained several biblical references and was compared to the oratory of the ” black church tradition”.

Obama also highlighted the United States’ religious diversity, referring to the country’s “patchwork heritage” as a strength and saying, “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers.

Bush and Bill Clinton. Sanger , chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times , described the speech as the harshest rebuke of an outgoing president during an inaugural address since Franklin Roosevelt ‘s call for restoration of American values. Obama’s selections of Warren and Lowery to deliver prayers for the inaugural ceremony were controversial. Warren had a history of vocal opposition to same-sex marriage , [] and Lowery had a background as a civil rights activist.

In the invocation, Warren asked for “forgiveness for Americans ‘when we fight each other’ and ‘civility in our attitudes even when we differ. Martin Luther King and Jesus in the invocation, and he concluded the invocation with the Lord’s Prayer. One of his messages was the statement that “as we leave this mountaintop, help us to hold on to the spirit of fellowship and the oneness of our family.

After the inaugural ceremony on the west front of the U. Jill Biden escorted former President George W. Before the luncheon and in keeping with tradition, President Obama signed his first presidential orders in the President’s Room at the Capitol, [] and then signed the guest book for the luncheon. Congress for its approval.

Capitol before traveling from there to the presidential reviewing stand at the White House to watch the parade. As former President George W. Guests included top Washington lawmakers as well as former presidents and vice presidents.

Commemorating the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial , the red and white china used during the luncheon were replicas of those used in the Lincoln White House.