How to export your animations in the MP4 video format

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After that, drag and drop any item to add it to your stage. Click New Layer to create a separate layer for your character animation. Drag the character on the stage to start your animation.

You can animate vectors such as animate in tandem, rotate, stretch, or simply reposition these objects, etc. There is no doubt that the Animation industry is a very interesting one. A professional animation tool can make animations more interesting and fun.

But, if you are a new user, and don’t want to spend money learning a professional program, you can try an alternative to Adobe Animate. With this tool, you can easily create animation videos. Related article: change video format.

It is a free video editor for beginners to edit animated videos. Step 1. Free Download. Step 2. Import files including videos, photos, and music files you want to use to create animated videos. Step 3. Edit your animated video. For instance, trim video to remove unwanted parts. You can read this post video trimmer to learn how to trim a video.

MiniTool MovieMaker helps you easily create animated video. Animated videos are widely used by most users. To create a professional animated video, you can try Adobe Animate CC.

OpenToonz has a variety of palettes, paints, inks, custom brushes and other useful tools. For example, you can change the style of an image, create an incident light effect, add a Distortion Wave, etc.

Verdict: Despite being open-source software, Pencil 2D boasts powerful tools for producing vector and bitmap animation. If you want to create a color project using a pencil, pen or brush, this Animate CC alternative will allow you to do this without any hassle. Due to a clear and intuitive interface, even a beginner can quickly figure out all features of the software. Pencil 2D enables you to work with layers, manipulate key frames in the timeline, use onion skin feature, adjust colors and pressure sensitivity, as well as rearrange workspace toolbars and panels according to your preferences.

The distinctive feature of this program is an uncluttered timeline where you can duplicate multiple frames, change the frame rate and create first-class animations without much effort. If you are a professional, you can do magic using even the basic tools. Verdict: Plastic Animation Paper is considered to be one of the best software for traditional 2D animations.

This is an indie project created by talented animators. Unfortunately, their other unfinished Animation Paper program has not been released yet. PAP 4. Besides the common drawing tools, light setup, onion skinning and layers, this free Adobe Animate alternative features blue and red pens to easily plan and draft poses and scenes. Plastic Animation Paper has a relatively modest interface.

But it has all the necessary tools for creating traditional animation. Verdict: Blender is an open-source 3D animation program that is sought-after among digital artists, game developers and animation lovers all over the globe.

It has a steep learning curve, which means that it will be a bit difficult for beginners to figure out all the functions and capabilities of the software.

Blender has a collection of tools for modeling, lighting and even more. You can work with dynamic simulations and create such things as fabric, pouring liquids, etc. It is also possible to use Blender as a non-linear video editor. Verdict: CreaToon is a powerful software to create 2D animations in a cut-out style.

What makes this program stand out from other free alternatives to Adobe Animate is an array of first-class special effects that allow you to create professional-looking projects. CreaToon features a Preview panel where you can play with animations. This allows you to edit media without adding keyframes with different values manually. To achieve the desired result, just drag the keyframe sliders across the timeline and change the elements right on the Preview panel. The program automatically creates individual keyframes to give elements smooth transition.

It also supports the in-betweening of frames.



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