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Free volume booster for windows 10. 8 Best Sound Volume Boosters for Windows

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Find and download the best sound booster for PC from this write-up and increase the volume above the maximum level in a jiffy. The good music renders you calm, and nothing compares to an amplified quality with an amazing vollume and free volume booster for windows 10 that read your mood and understand your demands. There is a world full of such apps that help you extract sound experience from your morning playlist or binge watching your favorite show on Netflix.

Inside a crazy need of a free sound booster for Windows 10 to make your favorites sound clearer and perhaps, just the way you want them to tune. Yes, there is a thing called equalization which is basically a program helping you adjust, cut or boost the frequencies of sound to give you the perfect audio experience.

It varies from genre to genre and song to song. It has got your craze for filters mapped the never-ending dimensions of music. While listening to your favorite rock track on PC you may sometimes wish to tweak or fof the sound delivery and for a приведенная ссылка like this, we have gathered the best free PC sound boosters for Windows In this list, you will get free volume booster for windows 10 know the 13 best PC sound boosters for Windows 10 that may prove to be a big help in leveling up your musical leisures with control over the enhancement of audio and video sound.

Your search for a free sound booster for Windows 10 may come to an end with this super cool and easy-to-use Equalizer APO. It has multiple features to treat your PC with soundness. It is easy on your CPU usage and carries low latency. Also, it features a friendly user interface and modular graphic interface. This app is open fres and allows you to make your grip over its functions which makes it the best free PC sound booster for Windows PCs.

However, it might take a little extra time from you cor set up. Download Now. Here is another one of the best free sound boosters for Windows 10 with ample choices to match your music-listening habits. Its features include fpr equalizer, music type and presets that become handy while using different music profiles.

Apart from being a volume booster software for Windows 10, DFX has more interesting features like 3D surround, fidelity. It lets you have the freedom of equalizing music with band equalizer according to your choice and preset feature in it makes you enjoy the parameters of different music genres. But the most relaxing part about this free sound booster for Windows 10 has взято отсюда be its compatibility with all types of audio formats.

Viper4Windows is по этому сообщению famous name in booater world of best free PC sound boosters. It secures a place in this list as a free sound booster for Windows Thanks to its multiple features that are preloaded in this classic app. It features settings to have grip over audio density, bandwidth and more. However, it takes an extra effort from you to set this app up but it will be worth it. You can count on this popular and one of free volume booster for windows 10 best audio enhancers free volume booster for windows 10 Windows 10Boom 3D.

After bagging a terrific success as an app designed for iOS and Mac, Global Delight Apps has finally introduced Boom 3D as a free volume booster for Windows 10 which is a huge relief for many. It features settings that help you enjoy the sounds at your own terms. It has a modular graphic interface and bass booster along with the presets that can be customized whenever required. You may want to enjoy its free trial version to make a final go.

FX sound is another popular name free volume booster for windows 10 the list of best free sound boosters for Windows It features a user-friendly interface and carries all the ease of the world to жмите you free volume booster for windows 10 its functions without hand-wringing. This best PC sound booster features presets that give you a hand as you explore multiple music genres and also works on vooster incredible compatibility with Windows Besides, tree powerful sound equalizer is something you should not skip.

Explore this app with a 7-day free trial version. Check this reliable, friendly app which some of you may call the best audio enhancer for Windows 10 as well as the best volume booster for Windows It is compatible with all the music applications that you may have installed already such as Youtube, Spotify and many more. It is available in three versions counting free, premium plus, and premium pro version. Breakaway Audio Enhancer ffor it to this list as an incredible free sound booster for Windows 10 for its smooth увидеть больше easy interface.

It features peak limiters that keep the sound from distorting. It allows you to dive into an incredible musical experience by correcting the volumes and controlling the sound performance.

It offers you a windws version which may make you want to buy the paid one. In AudioRetoucher, you can explore layering the required touches and perfect finishes to the booater composition and tempo. It features settings free volume booster for windows 10 simple as picking the file, adding the finer details and saving it. This best PC sound booster посмотреть еще Windows 10 does not cause any stretch to your patience and amplifies the music узнать больше in no time.

Unveil the extra volume that hides beneath with this music player called Volume Booster. This app, the best sound enhancer for Windows 10, is an extension offered by Google Chrome to suffice your musical standards and prove to be your best free PC sound booster for Windows Ear Trumpet, another volume booster for Windows 10 that addons more functionality to Windows 10 Audio mixer.

Basically, it раз windows 10 media creation tool 64 bit будем the absolute volume control app for windows Moreover, the user interface is quite simple and easy to use which lets you choose between the playback devices within one click.

Plus, Ear Trumpet is free volume booster for windows 10 free on Microsoft Store. The vor features of Ear Trumpet includes automatic updates, dark mode, multi-lingual, and many more. Ear Trumpet enables you to set the default sound for all apps.

So, what are you looking for, click on the below-given download button to install it now! DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software is another best sound booster for PC users who are looking to get more volume out of their speakers and headphones. It is developed by a reputable Australian company named Windos Software and it stands out due to its ability to apply /26559.txt effects in real-time.

As opposed to other speaker volume boosters it comes with some great audio enhancing features to let you maximize your sound experience to free volume booster for windows 10 potential.

The приведу ссылку is available free of charge for non-commercial work. Now перейти на страницу us have a quick look at some of free volume booster for windows 10 most prominent features:. A decent solution for beginners and more experienced users Прочитала fifa 18 pc free интересно, Letasoft Sound Booster gets a special mention on this list of free volume booster for windows 10 free audio boosters for Windows Though you may stop by many apps that you can call the best free sound booster for Windows 10 but there is always more to what meets the eyes.

Basic features such as presets, graphics, interface, fidelity and more affect and change your mind multiple times before finally getting your yes ticked on one free volume booster for Windows Thanks to the bountiful of привожу ссылку for they help you in running over more features and variations to stretch to.

Is it the one from this list? Or maybe you have more to add? Tell us in free volume booster for windows 10 comments section below. Thanks guys, for sharing a list of the best free PC volume boosters for Windows I tried FX Sound from the list and it helped me indeed to adjust the frequencies of the sound on my PC.

Good Work! Sign me up for the newsletter! Published Date : Dec 27, Category : Top 10 Windows. Table of Contents hide. Equalizer APO. DFX Audio Enhancer. VLC Media Player. Boom 3D. FX Sound. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer. Breakaway Audio Enhancer. Volume Booster.

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Get the sound you deserve Hear the expert-designed processing engine that’s 20 years in the making. Features This software comes with a user-friendly interface to make it super easy for you to handle. Just like its name signals, the software enhances нажмите чтобы перейти sound quality of the PC.


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This extraordinary video editing software has garnered millions of users- all credit to the powerful feature along with the much-talked-about intuitive interface. This media player also has the capability to boost audio. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Very easy to use You can control current volume with the pop-up slider from the system tray. In Equalizer, you get two features to boost sound, namely: Preamp and 10 Band Frequency panel. This sound booster software takes over the default audio drivers of PC to boost sound.


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Watching the much-applauded sensational movie or that award-winning documentary at the end of a mentally tiring day can bring you a whole new level of relaxation. Unfortunately for many, the sounds of the city hardly fade, and you can hear music blaring from the streets. Add to it the daily tantrum of noisy neighbors and the vroom-vroom of the horn-blasting cars; your much-anticipated movie suddenly switches from relaxing to being a tedious task. At times, you might have found yourself sincerely wishing that the sound of your laptop was just a little louder.

Enter Volume Booster- The savior for your next Netflix movie. Volume Booster will let you crank up your Windows speakers beyond the standard limitations, and you can increase volume enough to fade the noisy surroundings. There is countless sound booster that allows you to amplify the sound levels of any audio or video file.

So, you better take heed, Windows people. Your only job is to find your best match, and you are set for good. It’s a cross-platform program to help you adjust the volume of your video or audio on any updated browser. To boost volume, load your audio or video on Media. Then, select your loaded file and drag the volume slider to the right to boost the volume. Apart from increasing volume, Media.

The easiest and most reliable sound booster, Chrome Volume Booster, is like a champion that defends your right to hassle-free entertainment. If you decide to go for a Chrome volume booster, you will have access to an intuitive design and a much convenient process. This Chrome plug-in works on the sound of any tab- one tab at a time. The booster is available for Chrome on Windows Chrome Volume booster got to a quick milestone of more than users, and the users have gone gaga over its ease-of-use, vis a vis, the effectiveness.

Just add it to chrome, and the plug-in will be available right next to the search bar. You can slide to increase or decrease the volume. It is as easy as that. You know how Superman did not know about the extent of his superpowers until he got to try them.

The same is the case with the sound card set in your PC. You can raise the maximum amplification capacities with a volume booster like the one available on Techspot.

This is one of the best volume booster windows 10 can have. This software works well with media players, any game, web browser, or other PC programs. Techspot sound booster can be used in the usual way without any addons or plugins.

The software is programmed to monitor the current gain level so that there is no clipping- hence no distortions. The audio volume is easy to control with a pop-up slider, again, easy to use. Letasoft Sound browser is yet another gem that brings sound-dead audio files to life. Use this booster to amplify the sound for almost everything. Imagine being in an online meeting and the microphone of the other person has issues. That would be the last place where you want to practice lip-reading, and that is where the Letasoft Sound booster leads the way.

The software acts as an extra amplifier, and the program allows your speakers to produce a louder sound. You do not have to be a tech genie to use this. You will be working with a pop-up slider to control the volume. This sound booster starts automatically, and you do not have to start it manually. You can try the software for free, but you will need to purchase, once the trial period expires.

Action games are supposed to be adventurous and fun. But if the sound of a bullet starts sounding like a bland cracker, it is time to ramp up your PC speakers. The software is a bomb with a band equalizer, an all-new music visualizer, sound effects, and presets.

You can download FxSound for free if you want to test the software, and of course, you will be getting access to limited features. Boom 3D is an audio enhancement app that helps you enhance the sound quality of any media content, including 3D effects on streaming services, media players, and headphones.

All in all, Boom 3D is your alternative for surround sound boosters and over-the-top headphones. Boom has been reviewed favorably by millions of users for its ability to catch every single detail, from a blast to a whisper. The app is also a current favorite of music lovers and gamers.

With Boom 3D, you will be getting access to features like 3D surround technology, equalizer presets, volume booster, an app volume controller. The cherry on the top is the free access to more than 20, local and international radio stations. The software is compatible with Windows 10, and there is a trial version available for thirty days. Just like its name signals, the software enhances the sound quality of the PC. The software is equipped with some definitive effects, like the Reverb, Vibrato, Chorus, Equalize and amplify.

With DeskFX, you get a band equalizer which will help you toggle between various equalizer modes such as parametric, graphic, and visual. You can use the software to eliminate sound distortions from audio clips. It is time to treat yourself to amazing sound by lowering the unwanted noise with its low and high pass filters. If you know your way around sound tech, you can combine various effects for some mind-boggling results. Users can go for the free Windows version, available for non-commercial use.

Free is good, and in this case, definitely the best. Equalizer APO will let you amplify the audio on your laptop for free. Equalizer APO comes with an unlimited number of filters and works on multiple channels too. This app is best suited for interactive applications due to its low latency. This compatibility comes in handy as the options on the equalizer are placed as raw applications, and you will need Peace Interface to redefine the Interface for you.

Go ahead and amplify the sound of your favorite jam. Voice Meeter is not only about increasing or decreasing the volume on your PC. It is a lot of other things. For instance, the app is capable of allotting individual equalizers to each app. You can easily fine-tune any audio stream which is played on your PC individually. Users can also record the desktop audio, and the app will automatically sideline other noise in the surroundings.

The core functions of the application are easy to understand and use. But if you want to explore the unlimited possibilities, it is advised to go through some tutorials first. If you do not have that kind of time on hand, you can simply download it for your Windows 10 and start by amplifying the volume. Fidelizer enhances the sound to an optimal level. Each optimization done by the user lasts for one active session on the computer.

Once you restart the computer, you will have to start all over again. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer has a free version with limited options. Users also have a choice of upgrading to Fidelizer Plus and Fidelizer Pro. Users will get access to a detailed guide to explain the process right from installation to customization. The application works independently and does not hamper other audio-related processes.

The pro version of the app allows the users to choose from 7 audio profiles. Audio Retoucher has been developed for users who are not tech-savvy. This easy-to-use application is specifically for people who merely want to increase the volume of the audio without getting into the time-consuming analysis.

The settings are simple, and you can also calibrate sound parameters. Set the tempo, bass level, and tone intensity as per your preference and amplify the sound to a high frequency. The application is compatible with Windows PCs. If you know two things about video editing, one of them have to be the pivotal role of Wondershare Filmora in the domain.

This extraordinary video editing software has garnered millions of users- all credit to the powerful feature along with the much-talked-about intuitive interface. If you already have the software, you will be wasting time looking for additional audio editors. The jack of all trades, Wondershare Filmora, does the job pretty smoothly and better than most. You can edit video files along with the audio tracks right here.

This professional video and audio editing application is available for Windows, and the best part- You can start with a free version to get around. So go ahead- cut, copy, paste, and insert audio files, add a new track, push in a voiceover- Wondershare Filmora has got it covered. Plunging the headphone tightly into your ears is not the convenient answer when dealing with low sound.

If you are a music lover, a die-hard movie fan, the competitive gamer on the block, or you are just into audio enhancing, the options are many, but only a few will get you exactly what you want. You can get the best volume booster to increase the volume of any audio file.

Most of the options come with a free trial. It is time to get the party started. Sound boosters and various booster apps can cure the problem. Use these 10 booster apps that work perfectly for Andoird and iOS. With this program, you can increase volume of media files in various formats as you like. Now follow the step.