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Major Geeks Special Offer:. It is meant for finding duplicate files on your computer by either scanning filenames or contents. The filename scan features a fuzzy matching algorithm capable of locating and displaying duplicate filenames even when they do not perfectly match. It then displays music-specific information from its same results window. It also works with picture files implementing a similar fuzzy algorithm to locate images that may not be the same but are relatively close.

Additionally, as a safeguard, dupeGuru’s reference directory system and its grouping system will prevent you from accidentally deleting files. Some posts are auto-moderated to reduce spam, including links and swear words.

When you make a post, and it does not appear, it went into moderation. We are emailed when posts are marked as spam and respond ASAP.

Some posts might be deleted to reduce clutter. For windows instructions see the Windows Instructions.

For macos instructions qt version see the macOS Instructions. When running in a linux based environment the following system packages or equivalents are needed to build:.

Note: On some linux systems pyrcc5 is not put on the path when installing python3-pyqt5, this will cause some issues with the resource files and icons.

These systems should have a respective pyqt5-dev-tools package, which should also be installed. The presence of pyrcc5 can be checked with which pyrcc5. Debian based systems need the extra package, and Arch does not. To generate packages the extra requirements in requirements-extra. The complete test suite is run with Tox 1. If you have it installed system-wide, you don’t even need to set up a virtualenv.

Just cd into the root project folder and run tox. If you don’t have Tox system-wide, install it in your virtualenv with pip install tox and then run tox. You can also run automated tests without Tox. Extra requirements for running tests are in requirements-extra. So, you can do pip install -r requirements-extra. Skip to content. Star 2. Install this tool and add the folder you need to check for duplicate files, then click and run the scan.

To perform this action, the program will not need much time, but the results will be accurate. AllDup performs deep search detecting even the most hidden files that need to be removed.

Because of this feature, many users consider this tool as an efficient duplicate file finder for Windows Although, AllDup is a powerful tool, the process of scanning may take more time if your PC has stored many duplicates.

Verdict: Duplicate File Detective is a powerful tool that performs all the functions typical for similar tools at a high level. Moreover, it is equipped with many advanced features that prove its status as the fastest duplicate file finder for Windows For example, it can scan network drives and replace the deleted replica files with symbolic links to the originals. The software allows you to export the reports or even schedule them for automatic mailing.

Furthermore, Duplicate File Detective can analyze the way of how these duplicates have appeared for preventing their future occurrence. Consumers claim that this software is one of the most reliable file finders for Windows. Verdict: Though CloneSpy has an outdated interface, it performs an effective and error-free search for duplicate files. Moreover, it is absolutely free and offers the same features as many paid tools do.

Its byte-by-byte comparison mode for finding duplicates makes the process of scanning more accurate. The software can detect identical items between your local hard drive and network drives, which makes it a good duplicate file finder for Windows. This handy tool can also analyze the content of the file for a more effective duplicate search.

After the completion of scanning, you will be provided with a detailed report. CloneSpy compares the files by their names, extensions, etc. A great number of operational modes A feature of fuzzy matching You can monitor the scanning process Use keywords to filter files Outdated interface. Is updated regularly and often Highly customizable You can buy a lifetime license Configurable toolbar buttons Does not work in a high DPI mode.



dupeGuru | finds duplicate files – Eradicate duplicate files from your music collection


Report misleading. DupeGuru allows users to scan their computer’s hard drive depending on either the files names or by the contents that are /10753.txt. DupeGuru dupeguru windows 10 really efficient in finding duplicate files that are stored within the computer. The Dupeguru windows 10 interface is nothing to really brag about but it gets the job done mainly focusing on the most important things and filtering out the filler tabs and settings that aren’t relevant to the program.

It features only three sections but with it being very dupeguru windows 10 and simple everything is easy and simple to find for dupeguru windows 10 making it a Universally easy program to run and learn. The program also supports multiple languages including French, German, English and many many others. The biggest pro’s for me when using the program is the operational modes and the scan types that are available as there are multiple options.

The algorithm allows the program to efficiently search and find duplicate programs. You can search dupe files by the filename, dupeguru windows 10 percent ratio, kind along продолжить чтение bit-rates, which are music dupeguru windows 10 and dimensions which are pictures only.

You are also allowed to preview the files of duplicates before deciding whether or not you want to delete them. The filter special files by keywords option are really handy and save time for people. Within the preference settings, you can choose multiple dupeguru windows 10 such as the Font Size along with word weighting and be able to allow the program to ignore files that smaller than a certain input size of your particular choice and the program can also be automatically checked for updates.

Made with in Arlington, VA. Find and delete duplicate files that are stored within your PC. Download dupeGuru. DupeGuru’s UI is uncluttered and simple allowing users to operate it windows server 2012 foundation vpn free ease.

It works efficiently and is also compatible with MacOS. OS X Jake Gomez. DupeGuru is a tool to find duplicate files on your computer.

It can scan either filenames or contents. The filename scan features a fuzzy matching algorithm that can find duplicate filenames even when they are not exactly the same. Used dupeGuru to clean up my system because I seemed to be using far too much space for what was actually in there.

It found the duplicate files and I was able to safely remove them without compromising my system. I also found the duplicate picture facility really useful as I have so many uploaded that are basically the same photo and not needed.

This app is great for free. Writing code is a pain in the neck and all programmers know it. Dupeguru is invaluable in my work for catching issues before submitting to employers and clients.

Because нажмите чтобы прочитать больше my line of work I have dupeguru windows 10 save dozens of duplicate files in order to keep things working, this software keeps my files in order and with little effort. This software finds duplicate files on your computer so you can delete the extras and make more space on your computer.

Keep your computer dupeguru windows 10 fast by keeping your file count low, which is dupeguru windows 10 this software will help you do. Sometimes when you download something, it accidentally gets downloaded twice and this software will take care of that.

Sometimes when you download something, it downloads a partial download of something before it downloads the full one, and this product will help you find the file that is incomplete. Duplicate files по ссылке be a pain cause they can take up extra space when you need more space to work with. Using dupeGuru helps you find duplicate files and you have the dupeguru windows 10 of deleting or renaming the files you dupeguru windows 10 longer want to use.

The software dupeguru windows 10 great for windows 7 and to the latest windows Free legit software too. Your name. Your comment. Defraggler Portable. HDD Regenerator.

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