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Best photo and video editing software for pc free

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If you’re a video editor on the go, consider KineMaster for your go-to software. This free (subscription model optional) yet powerful video. As the best free video editing software overall, Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve is a tough video editor to beat. Not only for the vast number of.


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Not to be confused with the Creative Cloud suite which includes Premiere Pro, After Effects and other pro video editing tools , Creative Cloud Express is a free app for people who lack software design skills.

It’s available as a web app, an iOS app and an Android app. Until recently it was known as Adobe Spark, and its main aim is to make it easy to create both static and video content for social media. In that light, it provides you with a simple way to edit videos. As well as simply trimming your clips, you can add music, text and images, and resize everything for different social media destinations.

When we reviewed Creative Cloud Express, we found the interface very simple to use, and we were impressed by the quality of the templates. That said, its video editing capabilities are certainly the most limited on this list; in all honesty, it’s more like a glorified slideshow maker than a ‘proper’ video editing app.

That said, if you want to get a social media video live as quickly as possible, and aren’t too concerned about the overall quality, it does make things nice and quick. For more, see our Creative Cloud Express review. VideoPad is a free video editor with a simple interface suitable for novices, but it also offers plenty of features for advanced users.

It’s essentially a limited version of the paid versions, which offer extra features, and unlimited exports. You can only use it for non-commercial work, and it limits the number of projects you can export.

Most notable of all is the level of control VideoPad gives over audio, which makes it a great choice for movie sequences that rely on audio effects. It supports an unlimited number of audio tracks and provides an entire library of sound effects to play with.

VideoPad also allows 3D video editing, a rare feature among free video editing tools. It also has great options for social sharing, with a library of social media-friendly effects and transitions and the option to post videos to platforms like Facebook or YouTube without leaving the software.

We’ll be honest: there’s not a lot of free video editing software for Chromebooks. But Kinemaster, which is also available on Android and iOS, is a fairly decent exception. As long as you’re fine with watermarked videos, that is. To remove these, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version. In our review we found its interface to be very intuitive, and so it should be relatively easy for beginners to use, especially for simple tasks like applying Instagram filters and using sliders to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation.

And we especially appreciate the recent addition of a background remover tool. At the same time, this tool would also be useful for more experienced video editors wishing to make tweaks on the fly on their phones, tablets or Chromebooks. It won’t replace full desktop software by any means, but it’s a handy complement to it. And it’s certainly more feature rich than most mobile-focused editing app, with colour grading, chroma key, audio mixing and beat sync all on the menu. See our Kinemaster review for more information.

Lightworks Free used to be the best free video editing software out there, operating as a great, affordable option to the premium Lightworks Create and Pro tiers.

However, in , it’s not quite so competitive. The free tier offers lots of the same editing experience as its paid-for siblings, but with a huge catch: the export options are incredibly limited. You can only export videos in p for example, and higher-res exports, as well as the ability to use popular file formats like AVI, WAV and MOV, are all locked to higher tiers.

It’s still got a place on this list though. Because if you don’t need p or higher exports, yet still want a professional-level editing experience, Lightworks might be good for you.

It also has a few features that aren’t available in all free video editing software, like multi-track editing and easy project collaboration features. When we reviewed Lightworks, we found it a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the features were very intuitive and time-saving. For example, when you preview a clip in the source monitor, rather than having to manually set input and output points, the last watched section is automatically selected. But in other ways, we found it a bit clunky.

For example, it doesn’t display waveforms for audio clips, which slows down finding the part of a track you want to use. Also, in our tests — on a Macbook Pro running macOS Another thing we found quite annoying is that the free licence actually expires every seven days. Yes, it can be renewed by simply signing back into the application with your username and password, but it’s an extra step, and reiterates that the company is really keen on you upgrading to the paid option.

Read our Lightworks review to learn more. There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing free video editing software. The first is what you want to use it for. If it’s for non-commercial projects — such as editing your personal holiday footage, or working on a student project — then any of the software on our list will be fine.

If you need it for commercial work , though, then some free tools such as VideoPad don’t allow this at all, while others such as Kinemaster will add watermarks , making them unsuitable for such purposes. Another factor is your level of experience. If you’re an old hand at video editing, particularly if you work as a professional, you’ll want a range of sophisticated features to draw on; in which case, DaVinci Resolve and Hitfilm Express are our top picks.

If you’re more of a beginner, amateur or hobbyist, though, these packages may well be too confusing and difficult to use.

In which case, we’d recommend looking at numbers on our list, which have much simpler, more user-friendly interfaces. Be aware, too, that free software often comes with restrictions. For example, there may be limits to the number, format or resolution of files you can export.

Customer support may or may not be available via phone or email. And the software may only support Windows , Mac or Linux rather than all three platforms. PowerDirector has the most intuitive platform and offers dozens of tutorials to help beginners learn the ropes. Check out our list of best video editing software for beginners here.

Yes, Windows Video Editor, which is on our list. Yes, Macs come with iMovie, a basic video editor. However, many of the video editors on this list have more features and tools. Free editing software has cut home movies to independent films for years. However, if you are going to be editing YouTube videos on the regular it is advisable to invest in a premium video editor for PC.

This will help you get the most out of your hardware, speed up the editing process, and create higher-quality cuts and video effects. Basic video editing refers to the tools an editor has to have to cut together any type of film.

Basic editing includes:. Most YouTubers use PowerDirector to edit videos. It is an affordable and beginner-friendly video editor for PC, but also comes with tons of tools and pro-level features. PowerDirector offers step-by-step guides for every aspect of video editing, from basic to advanced. Visit the Learning Center tutorials for a free way to learn video editing for YouTube. We recommend PowerDirector as the best free video editor for PC with professional tools and features. All you need to edit videos is a computer or laptop with plenty of available RAM, video editing software, and some video clips to edit!

Your video editing software will determine how hard or easy it is to edit videos. If you have a video editor for PC such as PowerDirector, with a clean, intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, then video editing can be easy. Other video editing software have a steep learning curve and are hard to use without lots of editing knowledge and practice. Using free video editing software is a great way to learn video editing without any monetary commitment.

Explore and practice using different features, and read the accompanying blogs and tutorials that are typically provided by most brands. If you are making super quick videos such as Instagram Reels, you can use your smartphone to edit. However, for longer videos and editing in 4K and above, you need a powerful computer. We recommend also having an external hard drive to store your video projects and free up room on your computer.

If you are a professional editor or gamer, we also recommend getting a second screen for a dual-screen setup. A laptop will suffice for a few short videos, but if you edit long videos, or edit many short videos every month, you will need more room on your hard drive and more power than a laptop can provide. Screen size is another thing to consider. Desktops typically come with much larger screens, which is important for making precise edits and color corrections. The smallest amount acceptable for downloading video editing software and basic editing is 8GB.

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Add to My Favorites. PowerDirector Essential – Best Overall Designed for beginners and professionals alike, PowerDirector is the best free video editing software on the market. Blender – Best for Animation Blender is a free video editing software that specializes in 3D animations and compositing tools. Pros User-Friendly for all experience levels, beginner to professional Multiple AI Tools such as sky replacement, chroma key, and audio enhancement Plug-ins including screen recording and video collage design Cons Limited free export formats Free version lacks permission to use Shutterstock and iStock built-in libraries.

Pros Customizable user interface Direct uploading to YouTube Cons Complicated interface that takes time to learn Advanced but not enough for professionals. Pros Outstanding customer service Wide format support Cons Free version is too limiting Takes a long time to import videos. Pros Wide array of export options Excellent software for encoding and converting video Cons Few creative or pro-level features Crashes often. Pros Professional non-linear editing Audio engine with support for 2, tracks Cons Requires expert level knowledge and experience Requires a powerful machine to run smoothly.

Pros Built-in on Windows 10 and later devices User-friendly interface Cons Very limited features Linear editing, no layers. Pros Open-source, customizable editor Includes advanced effects Pitch compensation for video speed changes Cons No direct uploads to social media Unusual interface that takes time to learn.

Pros Offers a lot of advanced features Wide video format support Cons Limited to p export Extremely steep learning curve. Pros Wide format support Free version exports in p with no watermark Cons Not many customization options Timeline marker is hard to use.

Pros Collaboration tools Decent rendering performance Cons Relatively complicated Issues with clip speed adjustments. Pros Easy export to social networks Low system requirements Cons Unintuitive interface Too many features are hidden. PowerDirector vs Blender. What is Basic Video Editing? What is the Rule in Video Editing?

Icecream Video Editor is no exception. Download Icecream Video Editor. G2 rating : 3. Lightworks is one of the best free video editing software options you can choose if you want to make and edit films on an amateur or professional level. It works well for aspiring filmmakers, YouTubers, and content creators, offering Hollywood-level editing and effects and being trusted by professionals throughout the film industry.

There’s a lot you can do with this free video editing software, without having to hand over your credit card details or sign up for recurring payments. It offers ready-made titles and transitions, cloud storage, an advanced editing timeline, and support for a huge range of formats, with no watermarks on export. TechRadar rating : 3. VideoPad Video Editor is an example of well-made free video editing software that almost anyone can download, install, and start using.

You don’t need years of technical experience or advanced understanding of video editing programs to use this best free video editing software, as it has been built from the ground up to be highly accessible and beginner-friendly.

Supporting more than 60 video formats and also working with 3D and videos, too, VideoPad Video Editor is highly versatile and comes with more than 50 different effects and transitions to enhance your videos. You can export your edited clips to your device or straight to disc, and the program also features impressive audio editing tools, as well, placing it among the best free video editing software in terms of all-around usefulness.

Download VideoPad Video Editor. If you’re a young student or content creator on a budget, in need of the best free video editing software to help you break into video editing, HitFilm Express is a good option to choose.

Completely free and available on a “pay what you want basis”, this software offers pro-grade tools and effects for making impressive videos without the same price tag as more advanced free video editing software options. HitFilm Express can boast of some impressive features, including the biggest free VFX toolkit on the market, support for 4K exports, a really intuitive user interface, and impressive animation tools.

Download HitFilm Express. App Store rating : 3. Sometimes, you just want to make some fun and silly videos on your phone to share on social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

If so, Clips is one of the best free video editing software applications you can choose. It runs on iOS devices like the iPhone 13 and gives you a bunch of fun effects and colorful stickers to add to your videos. You can add videos from your phone library with a single tap and make changes and alterations in mere seconds. Download Clips. Google Play rating : 4. If you’re looking for the best free video editing software for phones and tablets, Movavi Clips is the app for you.

Made for the mobile market, this app runs on both Android and iOS, and it’s one of the best free video editing software options you can choose on the smaller screen. It lets you do all sorts of editing: cut, merge, crop, and add music to videos. You can also use this free video editing software to add filters and transitions, with no pesky ads or other obstacles to get in the way. Download Movavi Clips for iOS. Download Movavi Clips for Android.

PCMag rating : 3. Numerous titles, transitions, and audio edits will help you to create a decent-looking video for a vlog. But for the majority of YouTubers needs more advanced capabilities which only a full-featured desktop video editor can offer.

One of the best free video-editing apps, Microsoft Photos is an excellent option for viewing, simple editing, and sharing of digital photos and videos.

Unlike professional video making programs that offer countless menus, panels, and features, Microsoft Photos is easy to use, clear, and has everything you need for basic viewing and fixes.

For any casual user, Microsoft Photos is a fine choice for managing, editing, and sharing videos. Download Microsoft Photos. If you don’t want to pay for another professional video-editing program and don’t mind its less intuitive interface, VSDC Video Editor Pro can offer a wide variety of tools to change your videos.

The most noticeable features are: picture-in-picture, transparency, and the effect filters. You can export edited videos in a variety of formats, with pre-made profiles for popular devices. This online tool allows you to edit your recording in real-time — you can add arrows and shapes, draw with a pencil, insert text and numbers. Simply install the launcher and open the recorder. Adjust the capture settings and hit REC. Click Edit to open the editing panel and make drawings on your video.

The video will be saved on your computer. Your final video editor of choice depends on your basic requirements. The ten free video editors with no watermark mentioned here are equipped with interactive features that can help you, at least, make your marketing videos for online promotions. You can get the tools free from the respective official websites.

They will allow you to save your videos without a watermark. Want to explore more video-editing features? Ben is a writer from the UK with qualifications in Media and Music Technology, he specialises in software reviews and tutorials. Ben has been blogging about media and tech subjects since he was a teenager from his base in the East of England.

Here are two articles that review top video-editing programs — have a look at them and choose the software you like best. It depends on many factors: the type of videos the YouTuber focuses on, personal taste in video editing apps, etc. Here’s a part of the list we came up with:. It’s always frustrating to install what seems a truly free program and find out that it was just a free trial version. Here is a list of free video editors with no trial version:. Please check your e-mail address and try again.

NET is packed with a huge number of effects and filters for basic editing that allow you to play with noise, glow, distortion, sharpening, and blur. Photo Pos Pro is a powerful picture editing tool that combines a simple and user-friendly interface with high functionality.

The app is packed with all kinds of tools for comprehensive photo editing with any level of expertise. You can also play around with dozens of built-in filters and effects.

Photo Pos Pro comes with support for layers and masks, giving you precise control over the editing process. Download this free photo editor for PC and test all these outstanding features.

PhotoScape X is all-in-one photo editing software that enables you to improve your photos using a range of professional yet intuitive tools. This app is packed with essentials for in-depth photo editing such as masks, layers, and color management tools. Additionally, this computer photo editing app comes with hundreds of effects and filters to make your photos stand out.

With its simple and functional interface, this app is perfect for complex image manipulation and retouching needs. In Photoshop, you can speed up your workflow immensely by creating your own presets that you can apply to other photos with just one click.

And with the Batch Processing feature, you can apply presets to multiple photos at once, which saves even more time. Naturally, Lightroom computer photo editing software is packed with high-end tools for camera and lens-based corrections, color management, color and luminance masking, perspective correction, and spot healing.

Pixlr is a web application that offers a handful of unique features for optimizing the editing process. You can start by uploading a photo from your desktop or a URL, or you can import a picture right from Facebook.

Pixlr has all the core tools you need to adjust your photos quickly and easily, and, most importantly, online. Along with basic transformation tools, Pixlr offers advanced ones for fixing blemishes and spots, removing objects, managing colors, and more. Additionally, it comes with a selection of cool filters and effects to brighten up your photos. RawTherapee desktop software also allows you to create presets and apply them to your photos to save considerable time and work more effectively.

Get it for free! DarkTable offers a powerful suite of photo editing tools for non-destructive editing of RAW photos. In this app, you can play around with color and tone corrections including levels, curves, brightness, white balance, velvia, and color channels.