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InDesign CS6 Shortcuts: PC ; Current Page Number (Auto Page Numbering), Ctrl-Alt-Shift-N ; Insert White Space ; Em space, Ctrl-Shift-M ; En space, Ctrl-Shift-N. Keys for tools ; Temporarily selects Zoom In tool. Ctrl+Spacebar. Command+Spacebar ; Toggle Fill and Stroke. X ยท X ; Swap Fill and Stroke. Shift+X.


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Keys for the Pages panel. Apply parent to selected page. Alt-click parent. Option-click parent. Base another parent page on selected parent. Alt-click the parent you want to base the selected parent on. Option-click the parent you want to base the selected parent on.

Create parent page. Ctrl-click Create New Page button. Command-click Create New Page button. Display Insert Pages dialog box. Alt-click New Page button. Option-click New Page button. Add new page after last page. Keys for the Color panel. Move color sliders in tandem.

Shift-drag slider. Select a color for the nonactive fill or stroke. Alt-click color bar. Option-click color bar. Shift-click color bar. Keys for using the Separations Preview panel. Turn on Overprint preview. Show all plates. Show Cyan plate. Show Magenta plate. Show Yellow plate. Show Black plate. Show 1st Spot plate. Show 2nd Spot plate. Show 3rd Spot plate. Keys for the Swatches panel. Create new swatch based on the current swatch. Alt-click New Swatch button.

Option-click New Swatch button. Create spot color swatch based on the current swatch. Change options without applying swatch. Keys for the Transform panel.

Apply value and copy object. Apply width, height, or scale value proportionally. Keys for resolving conflicts between Mac OS Open Preferences dialog box.

Open Paragraph Styles panel. Open Character Styles panel. Open Swatches panel. Open Pages panel. Minimize active application window. Hide application. More like this Use keyboard shortcut sets. Sign in to your account. Sign in. Quick links View all your plans Manage your plans. Toggle Selection and Direct Selection tool. Temporarily selects Zoom In tool. Switch between Normal View and Preview Mode.

Temporarily select Selection or Direct Selection tool last used. Temporarily select Group Selection tool. Select container of selected content. Select content of selected container. Add to or subtract from a selection of multiple objects. Select parent page item from document page. Select next object behind or in front. Select next or previous frame in story. Select first or last frame in story. Duplicate and transform selection.

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Table of Contents. Adobe InDesign Shortcuts Pdf. Adobe InDesign Shortcuts for Windows and Mac This way you will memorize some of the shortcuts every day and improve my productivity.

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