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Logic Pro X courses that begin with a refresher lesson are ideal, particularly for intermediate and advanced users who may need a review of the basics. I recommend doing your own research on Udemy to find the course that’s the right match for your current knowledge with Logic Pro and your ultimate goals with the DAW. If you are a complete novice to Logic Pro X and are looking for a one-stop-shop to show you all the ins and outs of this powerful software, this might be the course for you!


Top 11 Best Online Resources To Learn Apple Logic Pro X DAW – My New Microphone


Here is our list of our favorite 5 Logic Pro X online classes, courses and trainings that you can enroll in today. Our team looked at 21 Logic Pro X courses, but these 5 really stood out.

Our Logic Pro X resources ranking is based on aspects like the number of students, duration, difficulty level, price free vs paid and teacher. We hope you will enjoy our picks. This post contains affiliate links.

For more information, visit my disclosure page. This class on Logic Pro X, is a good fit for individuals who are just getting started with producing music. This class will help students understand important concepts for example audio production, creating songs, recording, editing and more. Udemy makes it easy to download the Logic Pro X certificate at the end of the class.

The number of students is not limited and at the time of writing there are 34, students signed up. This course is a good fit for anyone who wants to produce music. Especially, people interested in recording and editing audio, for example voice actors, dialogue editors and other audio engineers.

The course is created to help beginners grasp the foundations of Logic Pro X. Some of the concepts discussed in this course are for example: a brief overview, apple loops, midi, software instruments and recording audio.

The instructor also provides useful tips for automating your workflow. Be sure to include the Logic Pro X certificate as part of your resume. You cannot go wrong with this course, more than 29, students have enrolled so far. The course is a great choice for those that already have a basic understanding of music production, but would like to improve their skills. But even experts can probably pick up a few tricks from this almost 45 hours long course.

The class will provide beginners with a good understanding of Logic Pro X. Moreover, after completing the program, you will be eligible to get a certificate of completion.

The course is popular and there are at the moment 2, students signed up. The class was created to help students discover Logic Pro X in a short amount of time. The course covers everything students may want to know such as the main interface, tracks, plugins, editing, loops and bouncing. Show that you completed the class with a certificate of completion. Students seem to love the course with more than 5, signed up students in the series already.

We recommend the class for anyone who wants to learn Logic Pro X and has no prior experience with the software. The Udemy course covers the foundations of Logic Pro X. The course covers concepts such as synthesis, sound production, synthesizers, alchemy and sculpture. Certification is also available. Currently, there are over 1, students signed up for this course. Choose this course if you feel frustrated with logic instruments and the navigation.

If you want to get more out of your sounds. These might also be interesting for you best FL Studio courses and top entrepreneurship online courses. That was our collection of Logic Pro X online programs, classes, courses with certification.

What course did you choose? Let us know. Happy studying! Written by VL Team. Skills you will learn Learn to record and edit audio up to a professional standard Produce mixes that sound amazing, powerful, and professional Learn to write and edit in less time by speeding up your workflow Improve your skills with the daw Learn how to put together a song This course is a good fit for anyone who wants to produce music. Platform: Udemy Duration: Almost 40 hours.

Platform: Udemy Duration: More than 6 hours. Platform: Udemy Duration: More than 14 hours. Platform: Udemy Duration: More than 12 hours. Further reading. Search Search.